25 Fashion Hacks To Keep You Looking Fabulous Even On A Budget

Looking fabulous isn’t always easy, even for people who are considered amazingly beautiful. It’s not usually cheap either. Just think back to your most recent make-up shopping trip or clothing binge. Were you able to leave without spending a couple hundred dollars? Unless you know something we don’t, probably not. While you may have the budget for big ticket fashion items, why spend the money when you don’t have to? Not only is make-up and clothing pricey, but other beauty up-keep routines like hair removal and hair styling can be painful for your wallet and your body. Want to know a few ways to lessen the pain both financially and physically? Below you will find many tips and tricks that are super easy to accomplish and range from getting rid of pesky stains to make-up advice that is quite clever. Here are 25 Fashion Hacks To Keep You Looking Fabulous Even On A Budget.

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Spray your tights or pantyhose with hairspray to prevent runs.

pantyhoseSource: guff.com, Image: youtube.com

If you have old or unused jewelry pieces in your jewelry box, sew them onto a beanie to add some flair to the winter fashion accessory.

old jewelrySource: raymondleejewelers.net, Image: shutterstock

Keep your shirts safe from armpit stains this summer by placing a pantyliner over the armpit crease in your shirt.

PantilinerSource: gurl.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

Don't let stress or late-night partying give you bags to carry. Rub egg whites under your eyes, let them dry, and then rinse off to get rid of puffiness. Egg whites are also good to use all over your face if you have oily skin.

egg whitesSource: lifehack.org, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

Do you have any old sweaters you don't wear anymore hanging in your closet? Cut off a piece of the sleeve and put it over your calf before you zip up your boots. This will look like you have fancy boot-socks without the uncomfortable feeling of bunched up socks in your boots.

sweaterSource & Image: guff.com, Image: Heather Kennedy via Flickr

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