25 Strange & Unusual Statues of Famous Celebrities

We humans have immortalized some of the greatest scientists, most extravagant orators, and most remarkable adventurers in statue form. But sometimes, we make sculptures which aren’t as special; unusual statues such as the Michael Jackson statue outside a McDonalds in the Netherlands or famous Czech artist David Černý’s controversial purple middle finger in the center of Prague’s Vltava River. Though these sculptures may seem bizarre or shocking, wait until you see the unusual statues of famous celebrities found in this post.

In this list, we’ve scoured the entirety of humanity’s statue legacy to find some especially strange statues of celebrities and famous people. Have you seen the statue of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo with the huge bulge? Or how about the classic statue of St. Bartholomew carrying his own skin over his shoulder? Or maybe you’ve seen the statue of supermodel Kate Moss in nothing more than a leotard performing a complex yoga pose? (It’s even the largest gold sculpture created since the time of the Ancient Egyptians.)

The statues on this list are odd and sometimes shocking (we can’t stress the Kate Moss statue enough – can you believe it was commissioned by the British Museum?) and are sure to make you wonder whey they were ever made. Check out these 25 Strange and Unusual Statues of Famous Celebrities.

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Albert Einstein

albert-einstein-memorial-DCSource: The Telegraph, Image: Wikimedia

Due to his immense contributions to the field of theoretical physics, Albert Einstein has been honored in stone and metal all across the world. This 12 foot (3.5 m) statue rests in the Albert Einstein Memorial on Washington D.C.’s National Mall.


Graham Kennedy

graham kennedy statueSource: ABC, Image: rexness via Flickr

Gracing the Melbourne Docklands in Australia is a statue of Graham Kennedy, the “King of Australian television”. Widely known as a variety performer and star of multiple mediums include radio, theatre, and film, Kennedy was immortalized in this cheeky statue, crown included, soon after his death.


Paddington Bear

paddington bear statueSource: The Telegraph, Image: justgrimes via Flickr

Popular children’s book character Paddington Bear was fictionally found in London’s Paddington Station by the Brown family, who adopted him. To honor decades of success, this statue of the polite bear was made for the station.


Ken Dodd

ken doddSource: The Telegraph, Image: Geograph.co.uk

This statue of comedian Ken Dodd stands in the largest railway station in Liverpool. An iconic British funnyman, Dodd made his place in the Guinness Book of Records for hosting the world’s longest joke telling session: 1,500 jokes over 3.5 hours. Here he holds his famous red, white, and blue “tickling stick”.


St. Bartholomew

San_Bartolomeo_ScorticatoSource: D. A. Teunis. Satan's Secret: Exposing the Master of Deception and the Father of Lies. , Image: Wikipedia

Marco d’Agrate’s statue of St. Bartholomew has to be one of the creepiest statues on this list. The story goes that St. Bartholomew was skinned alive. See what looks like a robe around him? That’s the saint carrying his own skin.

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