25 Fascinating Facts About New York City And Why It Is Called The Big Apple

Posted by , Updated on March 30, 2017

It’s not hard to find fascinating facts about New York city. Think about it. New York city currently houses 8.4 million people distributed over a land area of 305 square miles. That’s insane! The city has five boroughs; Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. Some even say that these boroughs have enough personality and attractions to be their own cities! And then there’s New York’s history, which is full of defining moments, some tragic like Sept. 11, others revolutionary like the creation of New York’s Subway. And then there’s the nick name: “The Big Apple”, a mystery that has captured the imagination of most. Where does this nickname come from? Well you’re about to find out. That’s right, if you stick with us until #1 we’ll explain why it’s called the Big Apple even though everybody you ever asked told you it was a mystery. So from cool quirky facts like New York’s obsession with coffee, to the origins of New York’s nickname we bring you 25 fascinating facts about New York City and why it is called the Big Apple.

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Manhattan was purchased from the native people in 1626 for the modern equivalent of US $1000

new york city facts

New Yorkers bite 10 times more people per year than sharks do

new york city facts

New York sets train tracks on fire to keep them free of ice in the winter

new york city facts

More people in New York die of suicide than murder

new york city facts

It can cost nearly $300,000 to operate a hot dog stand around Central Park

new york city facts

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