25 Fascinating Facts About Modern Greece

Modern Greece is blessed and at the same time “doomed” to be famous for its immense history, culture, contributions to the world, and the historical figures it has produced. This is why when the average person thinks of Greece their mind automatically goes either to its natural beauty or to contemplating its vibrant ancient history. On today’s list however, we focus on the wonder and beauty of modern Greece and won’t mention ancient Greece at all, which, trust us, wasn’t easy.

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Greece Is the “Sunniest” Country In Europe


According to Greece: Enchantment of the World written by Ann Heinrichs, Greece enjoys on average more than 250 days of sunshine—or three thousand sunny hours—a year, which makes it one of the most sunny countries in the world and the most sunny in Europe.


A Greek Movie Included the First Nude Scene in European Cinema History


Greeks were always known, even in antiquity, for being comfortable with their sexuality and they made sure to express this in their cinema, too. In the very first Greek film shown abroad, Daphnis and Chloe (1931), the first nude scene in the history of European cinema was depicted.


Melbourne Is the City with the Largest Greek Population Outside Greece


According to the latest Australian census, Melbourne has the largest Greek population outside Greece with over 150,000 people being of Greek origin. That technically makes Melbourne the sixth biggest city in terms of Greek population.


Greek Women “Rule” The Country

Greek Women Rule

According to the 2011 census, Greece’s population is nearly 55% female and a little over 45% male. As a result, nearly 65% of all students in Greek universities are women. Also, women live longer in Greece: their life expectancy is 82.2 while for males it is an average of 77.


The Most Sexually Active Nation in the World


According to multiple official surveys conducted by Durex, the Greeks have won the title of the most sexually active nation for the past decade. According to last year’s Durex survey the results showed that Greeks have sex 164 times a year while Brazilians rank second with 145 times. For the record, Japanese ranked last with only 48 times per year.

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