25 Fascinating Elizabeth Holmes Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

There are probably more than 25 fascinating facts about Elizabeth Holmes, but for the purposes of our list, we’ll keep it at 25.

Elizabeth Holmes had an impossible dream called Theranos she turned into reality, but it was all fake. According to reports, Holmes was the mastermind behind one of the most prolific scams in American history.

Not only did she weave a spellbinding campaign that hooked the average American consumer, but she also took Wall Street by the horns and changed the landscape of Pharmaceuticals.

With her wide-eyed, rarely-blinking gaze, and deep voice, Holmes commanded attention and she had it. And, she used it to manipulated an entire industry and duped hundreds of employees.

Intrigued? We are. So, without further ado, we present 25 fascinating facts about Elizabeth Holmes!

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She Changes Her Voice


Amazingly, Holmes would speak in public using a low baritone voice. However, former colleagues have revealed her voice is actually a few octaves higher. Perhaps she felt using a lower voice commanded more attention (which it probably did), and placed her in a more powerful position than if she had used her own voice.


She Idolized Steve Jobs


Holmes admired Steve Job and emulated his style as much as she could. Her wardrobe consisted of a black turtle neck, a black blazer, and black trousers. Not surprisingly, during the height of Therano’s success, Holmes was recruiting employees from Apple to work for her.


The Meaning Behind Theranos


Theranas is actually the combination of two words: Therapy and Diagnosis.


A Strict Schedule


It’s no secret Holmes was a workhorse and she loved what she did. Apparently, she only slept four hours a day and worked seven days a week.


She Rarely Blinks


As strange as it seems, many people have said Holmes barely blinked when she had conversations with them. She would keep her eyes locked on them, never blinking as she talked.

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