25 Famous People With Asperger Syndrome

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Do you know anybody with Asperger Syndrome? You probably do. Asperger’s is a form of high functioning autism, and many people with autism have made enormous contributions to society. In fact, some of the world’s biggest and most well-known geniuses were autistic or had autistic tendencies. Here are 25 Famous People With Asperger Syndrome.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartSource: huffingtonpost.com

In spite of his social difficulties, he was a musical prodigy and wrote his first music at the age of 5. As you can once again see, the interesting and unique way that people with Asperger’s think leads to some of humanity’s greatest accomplishments.


Blind Tom Wiggins

Blind Tom WigginsSource: yahoo.com

In spite of being blind, Thomas learned to play piano at 4 years old and became the best known American pianist of the 19th century. Similar to Mozart, Tom’s Asperger’s helped him to hear and interpret music in a way that other people couldn’t.


Bill Gates

Bill GatesSource: yahoo.com

Although it isn’t confirmed, some observers have noted that Bill Gates very well may have Asperger’s. His rocking back and forth, disdain for contradictory opinions, and legendary eccentricities all point to an autism spectrum disorder. In fact, these “amateur” observations have led many ordinary people with Asperger’s to see him as a hero.


Charles XII of Sweden

Charles XII of SwedenSource: huffingtonpost.com

As the King of Sweden, Charles was known for being stubborn, doing exactly the same things over and over again, and not feeling empathy for others. So while being a scientist or artist with Asperger’s is cool, being King? Not so much.


James Joyce

James JoyceSource: huffingtonpost.com

James was a famous Irish author who was known for wearing an eyepatch (his eye was damaged). He is also famous for developing the stream of conscious writing style. It’s worth noting that although people with autism may struggle with expressing themselves to other people in person, they can be very expressive in writing.

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