25 Cleverly Hidden Images In Logos You Probably Didn’t Notice

Unless you really took our list of The 25 Most Remote Places In The World to heart and moved to the middle of the Tibetan Plateau, you probably see hundreds of logos every day. How often do you stop to appreciate their details and hidden meanings, though? Many company marketers are sneaky, using psychology to their advantage. They’re masters of hiding things in plain sight. While some are more obvious than others, all of these famous logos hold some sort of secret. Hence, these 25 Cleverly Hidden Images In Logos You Probably Didn’t Notice.



Elettro Domestici, the Italian electric company, used an interesting mark designed by Gianni Bortolotti that has since become fairly well known in the design community.




The name of the French international hypermarket chain translates to “intersection” in English. If you look closely enough, you will notice that the big “C” in the white space is actually constructed out of two arrows pointing in opposite directions. How appropriate.




The brilliant logo for the popular ski resort located in California not only looks like a big “M,” but it can also be interpreted as mammoth, a mountain, and a ski trail.


Northwest Airlines


The old Northwest Airlines logo is something of a masterpiece with the “N” and “W” both being constructed from the same image. That’s not all though. If you look close enough, you’ll also notice that there’s a compass in there. Can you guess which direction it’s pointing?


The Pittsburgh Zoo


The white space in this logo pops out a whole lot more than in some of the others. It shouldn’t be that hard to spot the gorilla and lion staring each other down.

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