25 Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts

Are you a dog person? Even if you aren’t, it’ll be hard to deny that these famous dogs are well known by name. Not only that, but after we learn their stories, it’s hard not to fall in love with them, too. From brave and adventurous to silly and messy, it’s no wonder that these 25 Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts have had such an impact on us.


Hercules sand lot

Hercules Sandlot

Better known as the Beast, this huge dog was feared by the crazy kids of the sandlot crew and even some of us watching from our TV. Hercules is an English Mastiff which is a breed of dog known for reaching sizes of up to 200 lbs. Now we know why they thought he ate humans; he weighed the size of a full grown adult!



Toto dog

He’s Dorothy Gale’s terrier in the Oz series by L. Frank Baum. In the 1939 film adaptation, The Wizard of Oz, he was played by a female brindle terrier named Terry and was paid even more than other human actors at $125 per week. Due to Toto’s popularity, there were a couple of apocryphal Oz books created based on the dog; Toto in Oz (1986) and Toto of Oz (2006). Moreover, an autobiography was also penned by Willard Carroll entitled, I, Toto (2001).



pluto dog

Mickey Mouse’s mustard colored pet is one of the perkiest and most upbeat members among the Disney animated characters. He’s the only one of the “Sensational Six,” the biggest stars in the Disney universe, who doesn’t dress up like a human and acts like a real dog.



air bud

Remember that movie poster with that dunking Golden Retriever? Yes, that was Buddy in Airbud, the first film jointly distributed by rivals Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Bros. The story revolves around Josh Framm, a new kid in the area who becomes friends with Buddy the dog who apparently knew how to play basketball. (What’s more exciting and heart flipping than a dog that can play ball and dunk?) Another fun fact about Buddy is that he also was the Golden Retriever who played Comet in the hit TV series Full House.



Blues clues

Blue, the dog from the hit children series Blue’s Clues, stole the hearts of all children through her engaging and interactive show which has been described as “one of the most successful, critically acclaimed, and ground-breaking preschool television series of all time.” With 9 Emmy award nominations and 10 years of fun, Blue became a household name among preschoolers and young audiences around the globe.

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