25 Famous Crime Scenes And Their Gruesome Stories

Throughout history, we have heard and learned about horrific crimes that have changed history forever. In this list we will explore some of these crimes and the crime scenes where they took place. Here are 25 Famous Crime Scenes And Their Gruesome Stories


University of Texas Clock Tower

UT clock towerhttp://www.biography.com

This is the site of the infamous University of Texas tower shooting that occurred on August 1, 1966. Charles Whitman, a former Marine, went up to the observatory deck of the tower and opened fire on people below in the surrounding campus buildings and streets.


H.H. Holmes Murder Castle

Holmes murder castlehttp://www.biography.com

After moving to Chicago in the late 1880’s, Holmes built what became known as his “Murder Castle” at 63rd and Wallace streets. There, he invited guests, mostly young women, to spend the night; many of the women mysteriously went missing shortly after their stays. When the cops began investigating, they discovered a number of disturbing sights: a third-floor soundproof room equipped with a gas pipe for asphyxiating his victims and a cellar equipped with an oven designed especially for body cremation. Holmes’ Murder Castle is now the site of a post office.


Amityville Horror Home


On November 13, 1974, American mass murderer Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed six members of his family at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house located in the suburban neighborhood of Amityville on Long Island, New York.


Sharon Tate's Home


On August 8, 1969, Sharon Tate’s body was discovered along with the bodies of three other guests on the property of her home. The murders were carried out by serial killer Charles Manson, in what would later be known as the Tate murders.


Lindbergh House


On March 1, 1932, 20 month old Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. was discovered as missing from his crib by his nurse. A ransom note was found on the windowsill, and a ladder made of scrap wood, with some slates broken, was abandoned by the side of the house. The baby was never returned even after the ransom was paid. Nearly four months later, Lindbergh’s infant body was discovered on the side of a road, decomposed and covered in leaves.

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