25 Family Guy Facts To Make You Say Giggity

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Family Guy is one of the most popular animated television shows in history, winning countless awards and now chugging along strong into its fifteenth season. The show depicts the life and antics of the Griffin family – Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, baby Stewie, and talking dog Brian – and the other residents of their Rhode Island town of Quahog including notable fan favorites Greased Up Deaf Guy and Herbert the Pervert. The show is particularly known for its frequent cutaway scenes and references to pop culture of both days past and the modern era.

Created by Seth MacFarlane, the show has ballooned into a massive empire worth around $2 billion. Its voice actors make $225,000 per episode, inching up to “The Simpsons” $400,000 per episode. The two shows have a (mostly) friendly rivalry, even creating an episode where the characters from both shows came together. (Speaking of, if you’d like to learn more about the Simpsons, check out our list of 25 Simpsons Facts You Probably Never Knew About.) Whether you’re a long-time superfan or just a casual viewer, in this list you’ll find out the answers to some of the most pressing questions regarding Family Guy, such as why Meg is so frequently abused and if Stewie is really gay. Find the answers to your biggest Family Guy questions in our list of 25 Family Guy Facts To Make You Say Giggity.

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Family Guy's first broadcast garnered millions more viewers than "The Simpsons" first episode at a rate of 22.01 million to 13.1 million viewers, respectively. The reason is attributed to Family Guy airing just after Super Bowl XXXIII on January 31st, 1999.

homer-and-peter-griffinSource: What Culture, Image: Jorge Figueroa via Flickr

The character who calls Peter and other Quahog residents a "great, big phony" is named Holden Caulfield. His name and the phrase come from J.D. Salinger's famous novel, "The Catcher in the Rye."

the-catcher-in-the-ryeSource: Family Guy Wikia, Image: samhsloan@gmail.com via Flickr

A common theme throughout the show is the abuse Meg Griffin receives from her father. The show's writers claim the abuse is the product of "a bunch of male writers not knowing how to write for a teenage girl."

meg griffin abuseSource: Top Rated Viral, Image: Alexis luri via YouTube

Since 2005, the Parents Television Council, a censorship advocacy group which recommends family-friendly programming, has voted Family Guy as, "Worst Show of the Week" over 40 times. MacFarlane's response? "[It's] like getting hate mail from Hitler."

family guy graffitiSource: Family Guy Wikia, Image: anemoneprojectors via Flickr

Spoiler Alert! The show often hints that Stewie could be gay in cutaway scenes like his dancing in a gay bar and in his one-liners like, "Just do what you would do with women, but with your buddy, you know?" but is he really? Well, show creator Seth MacFarlane settled the debate in a Playboy article, asserting that yes, Stewie is gay.

stewie_griffinSource: What Culture, Image: en.wikipedia.org

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