25 Fake Photos That Went Viral

Ever since the advent of Photoshop the number of fake viral images has skyrocketed. Whether the motivations are malicious or mischievous these are 25 fake photos that went viral.

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We built it

we built it

Supposedly taken during the republican convention in 2012 the debt clock was actually on the other side of the arena.


Air France Flight 447

Air France Fllght 447

It was alleged to be a photo taken just before Air France flight 447 crashed to the Earth but in reality it was just a still from the TV series “Lost”.


Indian Ocean Tsunami

Indian Ocean Tsunami

One of many photos that circulated after the tsunami that struck Indian Ocean shorelines in 2004 this was actually a picture of Antofagasta, Chile with waves photoshopped in.


Kids Using Their Computers

Kids Using Computers During Flood

In 2012 after serious flooding in the Philippines these photos circulated of kids playing on the computer. As many people pointed out, the reflections don’t add up.


9-11 Tourist

9-11 tourist

Possibly one of the most famous hoax photos ever taken, it was at first believed that this photo was retrieved from a camera at Ground Zero but only later did people realize it was a fake.

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