25 Fads That Are Now A Common Part Of Our Daily Culture

Posted by , Updated on August 31, 2016

Every month or so brings about new trends or fads within our culture. Some of these trends come and go in a blink of an eye, and we don’t think about them again. Others have a tendency, for better or worse, to stick around like gum on the bottom of our shoe. Did you know that the internet was originally thought to be a passing trend? What about hashtags and Twitter? Even diamond engagement rings and skateboarding started out as seemingly passing phenomena. Want to know what else started out as a fad? Read on to see 25 Fads That Are Now A Common Part Of Our Daily Culture.


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Movies about Steve Jobs

Steve JobsImage: wikipedia

Pirates of Silicon Valley, Jobs, Steve Jobs. But why are we surprised? Everyone knows that Apple fans like to buy the same thing every couple of years.




What was initially created by surfers to kill boredom during periods of low surf has become an entire sport of its own and spawned its own subculture.



TextingImage: pixabay

Back when everyone had flip phones it was such a pain, but then phones got smart. The great thing with texts is that there’s no obligation to reply immediately.



CrossfitImage: wikipedia, Source: reddit

In spite of its fad-like culture, it has persisted.



Bae memeSource: wiktionary

Next time someone says this, tell them it’s the Danish word for poop.



EmailImage: pixabay, Source: wikipedia

It’s possibly one of the only remaining non-web (non-http) services that you use on a daily basis.



StarbucksImage: wikipedia

Nobody ever thought that college kids would keep paying so much for their coffee.



Cool meme

Originally coined by hippies, it has become so ubiquitous that even other languages have assimilated it.


Razor scooters

Razor scootersImage: wikipedia

Somehow, they still exist.


Saving Matt Damon

Saving Matt Damon meme

Interstellar, Martian, and of course, Saving Private Ryan. Why is he in constant distress?


Boy bands

Boy bands meme

Just when you thought it was over…



Clickbait meme

You won’t believe what happens next! Click the link; you know you want to!


Bro Country

Bro Country meme

Also known as hick-hop, it’s mostly about parties and dirt roads.


Want to learn about trends that didn’t make it out of the 90’s? Here are 25 Fashion Trends That Didn’t Survive The 90’s.


The Inception "boom" sound in movie trailers

The Inception "boom" sound in movie trailers meme

It makes everything more dramatic.



TwitterImage: pixabay

If you think about it, it’s basically another place to post pictures of your dinner and try to make people think you are cool.



Scientology memeSource: reddit

People paying money to hold powerful positions in an organization that carries global influence? Why are we surprised they’re still around?


Reality TV

Reality TV meme

And it keeps getting less real.


QR Codes

QR Codes memeSource: reddit

Have you ever seen anybody use these? Have you ever used these? For those of you who don’t know, QR Codes are those strange square bar codes business are using to try to get you to scan the code with your smart phone to learn more about their products.


Now That's What I Call Music

Now That's What I Call Music meme

And now there’s, “Then That’s What They Called Music.” They’ve run out of ideas.


Expensive diamond engagement rings

diamond engagement ringsImage: wikipedia, Source: spiegel.de

A romantic tradition that was made up exclusively for profit. Thanks De Beers.


Putting Twitter and Facebook icons on every single thing ever

Facebook & Twitter on phoneImage: pixabay

Does anybody actually follow their sugar packets on Facebook?


The Internet

The InternetImage: pixabay, Source: wikipedia

There were people in the 90’s who thought that the internet was a fad and making websites for your company as dumb. Just google what Clifford Stoll wrote for Newsweek in 1995. It reads like satire.


Adding -gate to the end of every scandal

please just stop memeSource: wikipedia

2015’s NFL “Deflategate” was too much.



HashtagsImage: pixabay

And then Facebook started using them…It’s to the point that younger generations don’t know what a pound sign is. #beforetwitteritwascalledapoundsign #dontshowyourage


Keep Calm and Do Something

Keep Calm and Carry OnSource: wikipedia

The crazy thing about this is that everyone thinks the Chive started it. They didn’t. This phrase actually has a very powerful history. Keep Calm and Carry On was coined by the British government during the Nazi bombing raids of WWII. It was intended to be used as a campaign slogan to give the British people hope. Besides having turned into a nauseating fad, it’s possibly the greatest trivialization of a significant cultural topic in recent history.

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