25 Facts You Always Believed That Actually Aren’t True

Posted by , Updated on July 4, 2014


You probably thought the Earth revolves around the Sun right? Read on to see how wrong you are. These are 25 facts you always believed that actually aren’t true.

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The Earth isn't actually orbiting around the Sun. It's orbiting around the Solar System's center of mass known as the Barycenter. Although this point often falls within the mass of the Sun, it can be shifted by the pull of larger planets. Therefore, at least some of the time, everything in the solar system is orbiting around empty space

false facts

Your tongue does not have different regions dedicated to different tastes. Every taste can be sensed on every part of the tongue

false facts

Picking up baby birds and returning them to their nests will not cause their mothers to reject them

false facts

Sugar doesn't actually make you hyper, and yes the idea of a "sugar rush" is mythical. According to recent science it's all a placebo effect (Yale University)

false facts

Chameleons don't change their color to blend in to their surroundings. They change their color to communicate.

false facts

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