25 Facts To Make You Smile

We’re all used to reading things on the internet that are either depressing, anger-inducing, or even a combination of both. Other than the stereotypical cat videos, the news can be depressing, so we’re going to offer an alternative. These are 25 Facts To Make You Smile!

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The ice bucket challenge actually helped to find a gene that is linked to ALS.

ice bucketSource: alsa.org

Scientists discovered that gene NEK1 is among the most common genetic contributors to the disease.


All of Mister Roger’s sweaters were knitted by his mother.

mr rogersSource: fredrogers.org, Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org (public domain)

The hole in the Ozone layer is getting smaller and may be closed by 2050.

o zoneSource: telegraph.co.uk

Baby puffins are called pufflings. Also, puffins mate for life.

puffinSource: audubon.org

In spite of what the media, the President, and your parents say, the United States is experiencing one of the lowest crime rates since the founding of the nation. And it’s only getting better.

crimeSource: theatlantic.com

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