25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles

Posted by , Updated on November 3, 2023

Do you know that the “facts” on Snapple bottles are not always correct? Do you know some cannot even be verified at all? It’s true. Even though Snapple says that every fact is vigorously researched, they are not shy about “tweeking the truth’ in order to make a good cap. 

So today we are going to play a little game. Today is Snapple Cap True or False!  Play along, keep score, and let us know how you did in the comments below. And be truthful!


Cap Fact #814: Tug of War Was an Olympic Sport in the Early 1900s (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottlesen.wikipedia.org

From 1900 to 1920, tug of war was recognized as an Olympic sport. For the competition, countries were allowed to enter more than one team. These teams were referred to as “clubs”, allowing the same country to medal multiple times.


Cap Fact #300: Pennsylvania is Misspelled on the Liberty Bell (false)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (24)en.wikipedia.org

It is true that the word Pennsylvania is spelled with a single ‘n’ in the Penn portion. By today’s standards, that would be incorrect. When the Liberty Bell was made, the single “n” spelling was perfectly acceptable. It is only in the years since that the two “n” spelling has been considered the proper spelling.


Cap.Fact #936 A Day on Venus Lasts Longer Than a Year on Venus (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (23)en.wikipedia.org

It takes Venus the equivalent of 244 Earth days to make one rotation on its axis to complete a single day. To make one revolution around the sun, it takes the equivalent of just under 225 days, making a day longer than a year.


Cap Fact #958: The State of Alabama Once Financed the Construction of a Bridge by Holding a Rooster Auction (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (22)www.roosterdaydemopolis.com

It was 1919 and the state of Alabama needed a bridge across the Tombigbee River. The problem was, they had no money to finance its construction. So, state officials decided to have a rooster auction.

They auctioned off 5,000 roosters, and the event was a big success. Construction began, and eventually the Rooster Bridge opened.

It was a very appropriate name.


Cap Fact #70: Caller ID is Illegal in California (false)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (21)unsplash.com

People in California are probably thinking, “Excuse me? What? ” This one is completely false. Whoever put it on the cap may have had it confused with other California caller ID laws.

In 2019, California passed AB 1132, which makes it unlawful to use caller ID information to impersonate a state, federal, or local government agency. There is also a law dealing with “spoofing,” which is the transmission of misleading or inaccurate caller ID information with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongly obtain anything of value.

But using regular caller ID is perfectly legal.


Cap Fact #1226: Elephants Are Afraid of Bees (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (20)en.wikipedia.org

Yes. Elephants are afraid of bees. The mighty elephant, the largest land animal on the planet, is afraid of a little insect. the bee. It should make those of you who share this fear feel a bit better, shouldn’t it?

When a bee is near, an elephant will flap its ears wildly and kick up clouds of dust. But the weird thing about it is that a bee’s stinger is unable to penetrate an elephant’s thick hide. So what are the elephants afraid of?

Maybe it’s the buzzing noise. I mean, they do have very big ears.


Cap Fact #990: Chicago Is Named After a Smelly Garlic that Once Grew in the Area (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (19)en.wikipedia.org

The word Chicago was first referenced in a piece written by the explorer Robert de LeSalle. As he understood it, the name came from the Algonquin word shikaakwa, which translates to “onion” or “striped skunk”.

Chicago earned that name because of the strong odor from a vast number of garlic and onion plants that grew wild in the area.


Cap Fact #1367: From 2010 to 2017, Every Tweet Was Archived by the Library of Congress (mostly true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (18)unsplash.com

In 2010, the Library of Congress was “gifted” every tweet that had ever been tweeted on Twitter. From the very first tweet ever sent, all of them are housed in the Library of Congress.

All of them Let that sink in. Everything everyone has posted on Twitter through midnight on December 31st, 2017 is stored on servers by the federal government.

A press release from the Library of Congress announced that starting at 12:01 am on January 1st, 2018, they would collect “selected tweets” instead of all tweets. Which means, with the help of Twitter, they are targeting which people or groups’ tweets should be collected.


Cap Fact #1282: In the US, There is an Official Rock, Paper, Scissors League (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (17)unsplash.com

The United States does indeed have a Rock Paper Scissors League. Run by the Rock Paper Scissors Association, there are professional tournaments across the country. There is even a world championship.

This is not an exclusively American phenomenon either. Professional RPS leagues and tournaments can be found in Canada and the UK as well!


Cap Fact #50: A Mosquito Has 47 Teeth (false)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (16)

A mosquito does not have 47 teeth. The actual number is zero. What they do have is a proboscis, which is a long hollow tube that is quite sharp at the end. This is what they use to draw blood from their victims. And they have 47 of these.

Proboscis cannot be called “teeth” because at no point are they used to chew food.


Cap Fact #840: The Only Food That Doesn't Spoil is Honey (false)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (15)

Although it is true that honey will never spoil, it isn’t the only food that has a shelf life of forever. Other foods that do not spoil include cornstarch and salt!


Cap Fact #1560: You Can Start a Fire With Ice (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (14)www.instructables.com/Making-Fire-With-Ice!

Technically, this one is true. You can make a fire from ice. But the method used is to make a lens out of an extremely clear chunk of ice. If you can get a big enough piece and get it melted perfectly into the shape of a lens, you may be able to concentrate the light through it enough to get a small fire started.

The same thing can be done with eyeglasses or a magnifying glass and would be much easier.


Cap Fact # 31: The Average Human Eats 8 Spiders in His/Her Lifetime While Sleeping (false)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (13)unsplash.com

This is a “fact” that has not only been on a Snapple Cap, but has also been spread as an urban legend for years. The myth is that while you sleep, a spider will crawl inside your mouth and then, because you don’t know it’s there, you will swallow it as a reflex.

The truth is, spiders are afraid of movements made by humans. This is especially true when it comes to our breathing. Spiders would stay as far away from a human’s mouth as they could.


Cap Fact #830: The Average Human Dream Lasts Only 2 or 3 Seconds (false)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (12)en.wikipedia.org

Sleep experts have spent decades trying to learn more about dreams. They have found that while some dreams do actually last only 2 or 3 seconds, other dreams can last 5–10 seconds or as much as 4 hours. By putting the word “average” in the factoid, it makes the statement vague and unverifiable.

Exactly what do they consider an “average human” to be exactly?


Cap Fact #1274: Kickball is Referred to as "Soccer-Baseball" in Some Parts of Canada (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (11)unsplash.com

You remember playing kickball at school, right? Everybody seemed to not want to play, but then had a blast actually playing. In much of Canada, kickball is known as soccer-baseball. And to be honest, it really does describe the current game perfectly. As a side note, in the UK, kickball is called “football rounders.” That one is a little less perfect.


Cap Fact #345: The Popsicle Was Invented in 1905 By an 11-Year-Old Boy (maybe true?)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (10)

The legend goes that on a cold night in San Francisco, 11-year-old Frank Epperson was mixing up some water and soda powder (think KoolAid) when he became distracted and left the cup sitting on his porch. During the cold night, the mixture froze, and when Epperson found it, he took a bite (or a lick, I guess). and loved it.

Flash ahead to 1922, and Epperson decides to patent his childhood idea. He calls the sweet, frozen treat Popsicles, and the rest is history.

But SFGate, a news site in San Francisco, did a little digging and here’s what they found: First, looking back at the weather history of San Francisco, the lowest recorded temperature in 1911 was 39. So, no, it didn’t freeze. Second, although it didn’t freeze in 1911, it did freeze a few times between 1908 and 1924 in Oakland, which is where the Eppersons relocated during those years.

There were also various “frozen treats on a stick” products that predated Popsicles by quite a bit. Is the story true? Maybe. But the details of the story are not. We know that. This thing is, we have popsicles, so who really cares?


Cap Fact #36: A Ducks Quack Doesn't Echo (false)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (9)en.wikipedia.org

In an episode of Mythbusters, they put this to the test. The result? There was an echo.

There have even been videos posted all over the internet showing that a duck’s quack does echo. But people still insist that the myth is a reality.


Cap Fact #1029: Humans share 50% of Their DNA with Bananas (true-ish)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (8)unsplash.com

When it comes to humans, it would be crazy to think that they share 50% of their DNA with bananas. The truth is that we share approximately 60%. All living things on Earth share some DNA. These similarities help with things like taking in oxygen and cellular division, which are essentially the basic functions of all life.

And it’s not just bananas. We share 60% with fruit flies and chickens, and 99.8% with chimpanzees.


Cap Fact #1013: It is Illegal to Sing Off-Key in North Carolina (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (7)unsplash.com

There is actually a law on the books in North Carolina that dates back to 1877. A man in the town of Lumberton was fined for singing “loudly and poorly.” Some of the stories say he was in church, and some don’t mention exactly where he was.

But the basic elements of the story stay the same. The law is actually more about disturbing the peace than singing, but it’s still pretty weird.


Cap Fact #1022: Miami Installed the First ATM Machine in 1996 for Inline Skaters (false)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (6)unsplash.com

First, ATM machines have been around much earlier than 1996. Second-how many inline skaters can there be in Miami that bank at the same place? And they would all need to do banking while on skates?

The first ATM was actually installed in 1967. Many different people and companies have tried to take credit for inventing it, as there have been many versions through the years. No matter how you look at it, Snapple is wrong.


Cap Fact #1512: The Cookie Monster's Real First Name is Sid.(true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (5)en.wikipedia.org

That big blue baked goods addict… We all loved him growing up. It was revealed in an interview with the monster himself that his real first name is Sid. How did that name come about? Obviously, his mother gave it to him!


Cap Fact #27: A Balll of Glass Will Bounce Higher Than a Ball of Rubber of the Same Size (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (4)en.wikipedia.org

OK, Don’t think of a basketball-sized glass ball which would likely shatter upon impact. Think about the marble. If you dropped a marble and a rubber ball of the same size from the same height, the marble would bounce higher. But why?

The rubber ball is more pliable and will lose some of its shape upon impact and then regain it as it bounces. This uses quite a bit of energy. A marble is not pliable and will retain its shape when it hits a hard surface. This allows more energy to be distributed to the bounce.


Cap Fact #471: The Most Common Name for a Goldfish is Jaws (unverifiable)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (3)en.wikipedia.org

I mean, it could be that it could be true, I guess. But how would anyone know that? You’d have to visit every household in America and ask. I’m pretty sure nobody working for Snapple did that. They didn’t check my house.


Cap Fact #1584: Sound Travels 4 Times Faster in Water Than In Air (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottles (2)unsplash.com

Water molecules are more densely packed than those in the air. Because of this, the energy created by a sound wave can move faster through those molecules.


Cap Fact #1425: A Flipped Coin is More Likely to Land on the Side it Started On. (true)

25 Fascinating Facts Found on Snapple Bottlesen.wikipedia.org

A group of researchers from Stanford and UC Santa Cruz studying probability and statistics took high-speed video of people flipping coins. In every case, when each person flipped the coin, it landed on the side it started on more often.

Of course, the percentage of times this happened was 51–55%, so it is far from a sure thing.

So now we know that Snapple lies to us. What kind of world are we living in where a juice company will lie to us? Have you seen any Snapple caps that have seemed too crazy to be real? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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