25 Facts About The Oval Office You Probably Didn’t Know

The Oval Office is probably the first thing you think of when you imagine the White House. It is where the President works out of. And since the White House belongs to the people, we should all know a little bit about the most important office in the United States. From the desk to the rug, these are 25 Facts About The Oval Office You Probably Didn’t Know!


Although the Oval Office is the President’s work room, for the first hundred years of White House history, there was no designated office area.

White HouseSource: whitehousehistory.org

During the 1800's, most Presidents worked and lived in the same rooms. The center of this working/living area was the Lincoln Bedroom (the Oval Office’s first predecessor).

Lincoln BedroomSource: whitehousemuseum.org

In 1902, Theodore Roosevelt got tired of the White House being so cramped and ordered the West Wing to be built. There still wasn’t an Oval Office though. His command center is now called the Roosevelt Room, and unlike the Oval Office, it was square.

white houseSource: ourwhitehouse.org

It was President Taft who ordered the first version of the Oval Office to be constructed in 1909. He ordered it to be built from what used to be the secretary’s office. Since part of the room was already round, it was turned into an oval.

TaftSource: ourwhitehouse.org

Oval rooms were really popular in the early days of American democracy. Even George Washington had oval shaped rooms in his home in Philadelphia. It allegedly allowed guests to mingle easily.

WashingtonSource: whitehousehistory.org

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