25 Facts About The Cold War You Probably Didn’t Know

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How did the Cold War start? What were the Cold War causes? Who was involved in the Cold War? It’s complicated, but basically it was a competition between the East and the West. Between Communism and Capitalism. For those of you that are hungry for some history, these are 25 Facts About The Cold War You Probably Didn’t Know!


The Soviet Union was (and Russia still is) known for operating "closed cities." Basically, these were entire cities where civilians were restricted from leaving.

closed citySource: telegraph.co.uk

The USSR is one of the few countries in history to have internal passports. Basically, you couldn't just go travel wherever you wanted. Today, Russians still use their internal passports as ID cards. (These are separate from their international passports.)

internal passportSource: nytimes.com

Soviet Colonel Stanislav Petrov was monitoring Soviet radar when it showed an all out nuclear attack by the US. He had a split second to respond and decided against firing back. Why? He suspected that it was a glitch. Fortunately, for the rest of us, he was right.

radarSource: theguardian.com

Railway advertisements during the Cold War boasted that the railroads were so important, the Soviets would bomb them first.

railroadSource: huffingtonpost.com

Between 1960 and 1968 the US Air Force always kept at least one nuclear armed bomber in constant flight (Operation Chrome Dome).

refuelingSource: nytimes.com

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