25 Facts About Sleep Paralysis That Make It Scary

Sleep paralysis is a very strange condition in which you feel like you are awake but cannot move. It happens when you are between the stages of wakefulness and sleep, and there are people who describe the whole experience as being awake in a horrifying nightmare. If you are one of those unlucky people who have ever experienced sleep paralysis, then you definitely know how awful this disorder can be. But is sleep paralysis something new? The answer is no. Myths and legends about sleep paralysis have existed for centuries all across the globe and symptoms of sleep paralysis have been described in many ways and often attributed to an evil presence. Almost every culture throughout history has had stories of shadowy evil creatures terrifying helpless humans at night. People have tried for years to logically explain this mysterious phenomenon and the accompanying feelings of terror, but most of these attempts have been unsuccessful since they attribute it to the supernatural. Only recently has science managed to more closely examine the causes and interpretations of sleep paralysis from both a scientific and cultural perspective. So what do you say? Want to know more about this bizarre, terrifying, but ultimately harmless sleep disorder? If the answer is yes, then check out these 25 Facts About Sleep Paralysis That Make It Scary.

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Sleep paralysis occurs twice as often to men than women.

20 commons.wikimedia.orgSource: sleepeducation.org/sleep-disorders, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

The good news is that SP is less common in the general population than was previously thought. A 1999 study in Germany indicated that the disorder is often associated with a mental disorder.

19 wSource: sleepeducation.org/sleep-disorders, Image: Wikipedia

The bad news, however, is that when SP occurs you can’t wake yourself up. You might be able to move your toes or do facial expressions but you can’t fully wake up and unfortunately you will have to wait it out.

18 pixabaySource: sleepeducation.org/sleep-disorders, Image: pixabay.com

Many people wrongly connect sleep paralysis with night terrors when in reality they are completely different from each other. A night terror is a sleep disruption that seems similar to a nightmare, but with a far more dramatic presentation.

17 wSource: sleepeducation.org/sleep-disorders, Image: Wikipedia

One theory on sleep paralysis suggests that the phenomenon is a result of REM sleep disruption where the body is still in a state of muscle atonia, which prevents a dreamer from acting out their dreams.

16 pixabaySource: sleepeducation.org/sleep-disorders, Image: pixabay.com

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