25 Fun Facts About Seinfeld You May Not Know

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It’s hard to really describe the phenomenon that Seinfeld was and still is today. It definitely is at the top of the list for most loved sitcoms and will always be there. Here are 25 fun facts about Seinfeld you may not know.


Before Elaine

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Before Julia Louis-Dreyfus was on Seinfeld, she was first a cast member on SNL from 1982-1985. Before that she was performing with The Second City in Chicago, the popular theater troupe. Larry David and Julia met on SNL because Larry was a writer there for a year.



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The diner where the group is seen eating most every episode has a name – Monk’s. It modeled after NYC’s Upper West Side cafe Tom’s Restaurant, which is still in operation today


So Many Awards


Seinfeld was nominated for 68 Emmy Awards altogether and won 10. Although, neither Jerry Seinfeld nor Jason Alexander ever won an individual Emmy.


That's A Lot of Moolah

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By the end of the series, the show was bringing in about $200 million a year in pure profit for NBC.


This City Would Eat You Alive


Seinfeld couldn’t exist in any other city but New York, but it was mostly shot at the CBS Studio Center in Studio City, CA.


Get Smart

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Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite TV shows as a kid were Get Smart, Laugh-In, and Batman. 


Directed by George


Jason Alexander (George Costanza) is the only cast member who ever directed an episode.


Jerry the Comedian


Jerry Seinfeld is ranked #12 out of the top 100 comedians of all time on Comedy Central’s list.


Kramer with Children


Before making Kramer the iconic role he is, Michael Richards auditioned for the role of Al Bundy in Married With Children but was beat out by Ed O’Neill.


Rosie and Patricia

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Rosie O’Donnell read for the part of Elaine and was considered. So was Patricia Heaton, the wife from Everybody Loves Raymond. 


Just Keep It In the Show

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The last gag in “The Parking Garage,” in which Kramer’s car won’t start after the foursome finally finds his parking space, was completely unintentional.


No Hugs, No Lessons


Seinfeld held the mantra of “No Hugs, No Lessons” throughout the entire series. They chose not to have any sentimental moments on the show.


Hello, Newman.

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The first reference to Newman was made in the second season’s 7th episode, but the role was voice only, and was portrayed by Larry David.


Julia's Baby

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When Julia Louis-Dreyfus became pregnant with her second child, Jerry suggested that they incorporate her size into the story and work in a plotline about Elaine getting fat. When she heard the idea, Julia “just burst into tears,” and the idea was immediately scrapped in favor of just hiding her belly under baggy clothes and well-placed props.



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Larry David originally wanted to name Kramer “Kessler.” David based the character on his neighbor, also named Kramer, and feared that his neighbor would make a big fuss about it. In the end, Kramer was the perfect name for the character. Kramer’s first name, Cosmo, wasn’t revealed until season 6.


Kramer Reality Tour

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Larry David’s neighbor did indeed profit from the association of the names. He even does a “Kramer Reality Tour,” which was later mimicked in the show when Kramer does a reality tour of Mr. Peterman because he used Kramer’s stories for his book.


The Contest


The “contest” episode is based on a real contest that Larry David and Kenny Kramer had. It went on for months, and Larry won.


Jerry's Age

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After being featured on the Tonight Show for over a decade, Jerry was 36 years old when the series first began.


It's a Festivus Miracle!


George’s father didn’t invent Festivus. The real credit goes to Dan O’Keefe who created it in 1966 to celebrate the anniversary of his first date with his wife. O’Keefe’s son was a writer on the show and presented the idea. The Festivus pole was a gag added by the writers. Think of it as a gift for the rest of us.


Get Out!


Seinfeld’s series finale ranks as the #3 most watched series finale behind M.A.S.H. and Cheers. 76 million viewers tuned in to watch the four friends end up in jail.


Where's Elaine?


Elaine wasn’t originally in the cast. After the pilot episode, Larry and Jerry started looking for a good fit in a female character. They found Julia Louis-Dreyfus who couldn’t have been a better choice.


No Soup For You!


Jerry is banned from the real life Soup Nazi’s restaurant. Al Yaganeh, the inspiration for the Soup Nazi, claims that the episode ruined his life and business, even though it has given him fame and recognition to this day.


Yadda Yadda Yadda


“Yada, yada, yada,” was ranked #1 in TV Guide’s list of TV’s 20 Top Catchphrases. 


The Power of Laughter

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Steven Spielberg has said that while filming Schindler’s List, he would get depressed at times and would watch tapes of “Seinfeld” episodes to cheer himself up.


Leaving On A High Note


Seinfeld is one of only three series in American history to stay ranked at #1 in the ratings for its entire final network season. The other two were I Love Lucy (in 1956-57) and The Andy Griffith Show (in 1967-68).

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