25 Facts About Peter Pan You Probably Did Not Know

Peter Pan is known by children all around the world as the forever young, boastful and careless boy who can fly, but there is more to Peter than most realize. For example, did you know that originally Peter Pan could fly without the help of fairy dust? Or how about the fact that Captain Hook was not always in the Peter Pan story. So if you’re ready to look at this childhood hero in a completely different light, here are 25 facts about Peter Pan You Probably Did Not Know.

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Captain Hook was not always in the story. The original villain of the story was Peter Pan himself. His role was later expanded due to children’s fascination with pirates.

Captain Hook Fighting Peter pan

The actor who plays Mr. Darling traditionally plays the role of Captain Hook as well, even in the Disney movie. However, Barrie initially intended the double role to be given to Mrs. Darling and for Captain Hook to be a female role.

Mr. and Mrs. Darling

Contrary to popular belief, Neverland does not actually stop the process of aging. Peter leads a crew of boys who refuse to grow up. However, it is only Peter that manages to achieve this goal. Stated in the original novel, the boys do not stop aging altogether, but simply age slower. Eventually, they all show signs of growing up.

Fantasy World

Peter Pan is based on JM Barrie’s older brother, David, who died in an ice-skating accident the day before his fourteenth birthday. In the minds of Barrie and his mother, David was in fact, a boy “who would never grow up.”

Ice Skating

There have been a few debates about how old Peter Pan actually is. The oldest he ever appears to be is thirteen years old. However, the novel states that he still has all of his baby teeth and according to the Little White Bird, his original appearance, he is only seven days old when his adventures begin!

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