25 Facts About Norse Gods Hollywood Won’t Teach You

You’re probably familiar with Thor and his mighty hammer—and if you’re a Marvel fan you might even know that the hammer is called Mjölnir. However, most of us would have a hard time recalling any other facts concerning Norse gods, well maybe with the exception of the name of Thor’s father, Odin. For example, did you know that Thor is actually a redhead, or that Odin formed the first humans out of wood? It’s true. So if you’re ready to learn some interesting facts about Norse gods, dive on into these 25 Facts About Norse Gods Hollywood Wont Teach You.

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The Norse pantheon is a colorful mix of gods and goddesses that is heavily inspired by Greek mythology. Just as in Greek myth, many of the gods and goddesses in Norse mythology were related to one another.

Greek PantheonSource: viking-mythology.com, Image: en. wikipedia.org

Odin formed the first humans, Ash and Embla, out of wood.

Sölvesborg_Ask_och_Embla2Source: viking-mythology.com, Image: en. wikipedia.org


Unlike Egyptian and Greek mythology, both of which have male rulers of the underworld, the Norse underworld is ruled by the goddess Hel.

Hermod_before_HelaSource: viking-mythology.com, Image: en. wikipedia.org

Vingolf is the name of the beautiful house the gods built for the Asynjur, the goddesses in Asgard.

VingolfSource: viking-mythology.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org


There are nine worlds in Norse mythology. Each world is divided into three levels. The first level contains Asgard, the home of the gods, and the middle contains Midgard, the home of human beings. Midgard is connected to Asgard via Bifrost, “the Rainbow Bridge.

Nine_Worlds_of_Norse_ReligionSource: viking-mythology.com, Image: en. wikipedia.org

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