25 Facts About Hitler That Might Take You By Surprise

Without a doubt, Adolf Hitler is one of the most controversial and reviled personalities in world history and for good reasons. His beliefs, opinions and ideals dragged humanity to the brink of war, causing widespread death and destruction. Nevertheless, he is a defining characteristic (all be it a bad one) in the history of this planet and it would not harm us to learn what kind of personality would do the monstrous things Hitler did. Hopefully, by looking into the past and identifying the horrid blemish that Hitler was, hopefully we can prevent such a person from ever rising again. So here are 25 facts about Hitler that might take you by surprise.

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Mercedes-Benz car loan

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While Hitler was imprisoned, he managed to write an application for a car loan to the local Mercedes-Benz dealer. Years later, the letter was recovered within a flea market.


What Hitler’s mustache meant for him


There are claims that Hitler wanted to maintain his moustache because he thought it would make his nose look smaller.


Hitler’s token to a successful Olympian


Jesse Owens, a successful Olympian, was surprised to receive a congratulatory token from Hitler after his success in the 1936 Olympics. President Roosevelt did not even send Owens a telegram to congratulate him for such an achievement.


Hitler as a wounded infantryman


During World War I, Hitler was an infantryman wounded in the middle of the war. Surprisingly, Hitler earned the mercy and sympathy of a British soldier.


Hugo Jaeger was Hitler’s personal photographer


Throughout the entire commotion, Jaeger remained very loyal him. To avoid being prosecuted for his connection with Hitler, the photographer decided to hide his photos of the Nazi leader. Nevertheless, in 1955, he ended up selling these photos to Life Magazine in exchange for a considerable profit.

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