25 Facts About Gun Control In The US You Might Want To Know

Posted by , Updated on October 7, 2017


Do you own a gun? Either way, you probably have an opinion on gun control. To dispel some of the hype, today we’re going to try to take a look at the facts. We’ll lay out the pros and cons and hopefully help you come to your own conclusion on the matter. These are 25 Facts About Gun Control In The US You Might Want To Know.


So what about gun control? Well, it's a touchy subject. Detractors will often point to Norway. In spite of the country's strict gun laws, in 2011, a terrorist by the name of Anders Breivik murdered 77 students during a summer camp.

norwaySource: theguardian.com

Proponents, on the other hand, will point to Australia. A mass shooting in Tasmania in 1996 (when 28-year-old Martin Bryant shot and killed 35 people) caused Australia to pass strict gun laws and even hold a buyback where people returned their guns to the government. It hasn't had a mass shooting since.

australiaSource: nytimes.com

So does gun control work? In general, yes. But it's worth noting that 80% of mass shootings are carried out by people who legally buy guns.

legalSource: foxnews.com

Experts believe that in order to stop mass shootings, most countries would need to follow Japan's lead and all but ban guns completely.

japanSource: theguardian.com

Since this is not likely to happen, most countries should focus on effective gun control.

gunSource: foxnews.com

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