25 Facts About Gun Control In The US You Might Want To Know

Posted by , Updated on October 7, 2017


Do you own a gun? Either way, you probably have an opinion on gun control. To dispel some of the hype, today we’re going to try to take a look at the facts. We’ll lay out the pros and cons and hopefully help you come to your own conclusion on the matter. These are 25 Facts About Gun Control In The US You Might Want To Know.


It should make sense, therefore, that knowing somebody who has been a victim of gun violence vastly increases your own chances of becoming a victim.

gunSource: vice.com

Although it is true that there are higher levels of gun violence in regions with more guns (the southern states), this violence affects people in different ways.

bulletsSource: foxnews.com

In regions with high gun ownership, white rural males are more likely to commit suicide, while black urban males are more likely to die in a drive-by shooting.

ripSource: foxnews.com

Needless to say, in most situations, owning a gun increases your chances of being shot, either by yourself or somebody else.

depressionSource: bbc.com

With violence and mass shootings unfortunately becoming a more frequent part of news reports, reasons that people own a gun have shifted. According to Pew Research, in 1999, only 26% of study participants owned a gun for protection. Most sited hunting and hobby as primary reasons. By 2013, 48% of participants owned a gun for protection. 

protection house handsSource: pewresearch.org

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