25 Facts About Cocaine That You Probably Didn’t Know

Illegal drugs do not benefit anyone and that’s a plain fact that can’t be debated. They have been one of the greatest menaces to societies around the world for the past fifty years, with countless people—especially young adults—losing their lives annually due to overdosing and drug abuse. The worst part is that drugs can not only kill you, but also alter and destroy your personality in the process as they change the chemical state of your body and mind. In many instances they also make you do things you normally wouldn’t if you were clean and sober.

One of the most addictive and catastrophic drugs out there is cocaine. Known as the “caviar of street drugs,” it has become the drug of choice of celebrities, fashion models, and even sportsmen. In many cases, athletes who violate anti-doping controls have been caught using cocaine as a stimulant. But what makes this drug so addictive, dangerous, and at the same time luxurious and glamorous? The 25 Facts About Cocaine That You Probably Didn’t Know that follow will hopefully enlighten you as to why you should stay away (at all costs) from cocaine and any other harmful drug.


Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of the Erythroxylon coca bush, which is indigenous to the Andes of South America.

Andes of South America.Source: drugabuse.gov, Image: Wikipedia

Cocaine is the most powerful central nervous stimulant found in nature. Its physical effects include constricted blood vessels and increased temperature, heart rate, and blood flow. Those who use it experience greater alertness, energy, self-confidence, and even power after taking it.

confidenceSource: drugfreeworld.org, Image: pixabay


Currently cocaine comes in two main forms: powder and crystal. The crystal rock form, known as crack or freebase, has not been neutralized by an acid.

powderSource: drugfreeworld.org, Image: Wikipedia

Crack cocaine appeared in the mid-’80's and became an instant “hit” among the poor and young, thanks to its relatively inexpensive street price and quick euphoric effects.

80'sSource: rehabs.com, Image: Wikipedia


The average street price for a gram of pure cocaine in the States is between $80 and $100. The average price for a rock of crack cocaine is $10 to $25.

rockSource: drugfreeworld.org, Image: Wikipedia

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