25 Extremely Strange Wedding Traditions

Posted by , Updated on November 24, 2014

The one thing every human society has in common is marriage. It doesn’t matter how isolated or backwards it is, if you stick around long enough then you’ll find yourself at something at least resembling a wedding. That being said, it will almost certainly not be what you expect. In fact it is likely to be gross, confusing, terrifying, or any mixture of the three. But as you read this list of strange wedding traditions just think to yourself – who’s the weird one?

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Kidnapping the bride


Practiced in many countries throughout Africa and Asia it can often lead into woman being raped and/or forced into marriage, especially in nations like Rwanda.




In France the friends and family of the newlyweds congregate outside the newlyweds home on the first night of their marriage while proceeding to bang on pot and pans, yell, and just in general be as annoying as possible. Not only would this complicate the whole “lets be romantic” thing, the newlyweds are also required to go outside and appease them with snacks and drinks!




When a wedding is over in Korea, friends of the groom remove his socks, tie a rope around his ankles and start beating his feet with fish in order to prepare him for his first night as a married man. Maybe we’re missing something?


Fat farms


Beauty is relative and there is nothing in the world that exposes that more than the country of Mauritania. Evidently there is a huge difference between a fat camp and a fat farm.We westerners go to fat camps to get skinny, Mauritanian girls go to fat farms to get fat…and eventually married.


Wearing white


Although to Westerners it seems normal, to most of the world a white bridal dress is very strange. In most countries the bridal dress is very vibrant and full of color. So why are western brides so limited in their options? It is said to have started with Queen Victoria in 1840 when she donned a white dress in her marriage to Prince Albert. In her day, this was very controversial because the color white was associated with mourning.

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