25 Extremely Dangerous Activities Your Mom Would Not Approve Of

Posted by , Updated on March 12, 2014

From yak skiing to crocodile bungee jumping these are 25 extremely dangerous activities your mom would not approve of.

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Heli Skiing in Alaska

dangerous activities

Well, at least you’re not being chased by large, engraged animals with extremely sharp horns.


Sky Diving in the Himalayas

dangerous activities

Landing on the world’s highest drop zone definitely gives you bragging rights.


Skiing off a cliff in the French Alps

dangerous activities

You take a helicopter up, ski down the first part, jump off a cliff, and parachute the rest of the way. Yes, people really do this.


Wing walking in the UK

dangerous activities

For almost as long as there have been airplanes there have been people walking on their wings. At least these days you’ll probably get strapped in.


Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

dangerous activities

It’s basically like snowboarding except you’re on a live volcano that can explode at any minute and make you wish you listened to your momma.

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