25 Extremely Dangerous Activities Your Mom Would Not Approve Of

From yak skiing to crocodile bungee jumping these are 25 extremely dangerous activities your mom would not approve of.

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Shark cage diving in South Africa

dangerous activities

With nothing but a steel cage between you and the sharks this activity is actually much safer than it sounds. Try telling your mom that though…


Biking across the Sahara

dangerous activities

If you’re going to go for a bike ride you might as well do it like a man…a very sunburned and thirsty man.


Climbing a frozen waterfall in Canada

dangerous activities

Climbing is dangerous enough when the surface is dry and predictable.


Bull Riding in Mexico

dangerous activities

Getting kicked by a bull is no joke. Make sure you have your will in order beforehand.


Bull Running in Spain

dangerous activities

You thought riding on top of a bull was dangerous? Try outrunning one. No wait…make that one hundred.

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