25 Extremely Bizarre Laws We Can’t Believe Are Real

Ready to see a few truly bizarre laws that will make you question the cornerstones for a just society? While most laws protect the individual and society’s interests, every now and then explainable, illogical, and frankly, the dumbest laws in the world slip in. You’d wish these weird laws wouldn’t be passed but somehow, beyond reason, they do. Fortunately for everyone, it’s unlikely they’re ever enforced. From laws concerning what food you may eat to laws defining the clothes a murderer may or may not wear, prepare to be baffled by 25 Extremely Bizarre Laws We Can’t Believe Are Real.

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You Must Be 18 Years of Age to Play a Pinball Machine in South Carolina


Springs, balls flying around like crazy, bright lights and loud noises, you need to be a responsible adult to handle this craziness; at least that’s what South Carolina would say.


Putting Salt on a Railroad Track May Be Punishable By Death In Alabama


Salt plus railroad tracks plus Alabama equals death. Got it.


Donkeys Cannot Sleep in Bathtubs in Arizona


Yea, it’s weird, but illegal? Come on, give the donkeys a break already.


In Blythe, California, You Must Own Two Cows before You Can Wear Cowboy Boots.

cowboy bootshttps://herbertbailbonds.com/top-10-strangest-laws-california/

This city strives for authenticity maybe a little too hard!


Waking a Sleeping Bear for a Photo Opportunity Is Strictly Forbidden In Alaska


Forget “strictly forbidden,” how about “strictly-that’s-the-dumbest-idea-anybody-could-ever-come-up-with.” Needless to say, nobody has ever been prosecuted for breaking this law.

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