25 Most Expensive Hobbies To Have

Everyone deserves to have a good hobby or two. After all, they are perfect avenues for unleashing some much needed creativity. Nevertheless, some hobbies come with an exaggeratedly expensive price tag such as these 25 most expensive hobbies to have.


Drag Racing

Drag Racingwww.chevyhiperformance.com

Drag racing is a sport that is ideal for people who urge for speed and love to burn rubber, but prepared to burn money as well. The car alone can range from $3k – $20k (depending on how much work you want to do on it). Add to this purchase price, regular maintenance, repairs, gas, and racing fees if applicable. All included you’re looking at a price tag of about $200K – $1M.


Collecting Cars

Collecting Carswww.importtuner.com

It shouldn’t be a surprise that car collecting is among the most expensive hobbies out there. The rarer a car is, the more money a car collector has to shell out for it, not including maintenance and housing costs.


Art Collection

Art Collectionlatinartjournal.com

Art collection is considered among the most expensive hobbies in the world, primarily because different types of art like statues, paintings and sculptures can cost from thousands to millions.




Sailing can be a very relaxing hobby and compared to other boating hobbies (such as #12) relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, a decent sailboat can cost about $2k.


Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbingconqueranycourse.wordpress.com

Mountain climbing can be fun, especially for those who seek adventure. But adventure does have it’s price. Mountain climbing equipment is not cheap but the real clincher is the fee associated with some climbing permits. For example, to climb Mt. Everest, be prepared to shackle about $25K-60K (depending if you are by yourself or in a group).

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