25 Most Expensive Hobbies To Have

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Everyone deserves to have a good hobby or two. After all, they are perfect avenues for unleashing some much needed creativity. Nevertheless, some hobbies come with an exaggeratedly expensive price tag such as these 25 most expensive hobbies to have.


Ice Sculpting

Ice Sculptingdoctorfitz.wordpress.com

As the name suggests, ice sculpting involves forming a sculpture out of ice. However, this hobby is not for everyone as it requires expensive ice sculpting lessons and the purchase of ice sculpting tools.


Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancingwww.sheknows.com

Ballroom dancing is as beautiful as it is expensive. A ballroom dancing dress can go from few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. Then you have dance lessons (which are always expensive) and travel expenses for competitions. When it’s all said and done, you’re looking at about $10K a year.


Scuba Diving

Scuba Divingwww.womenontheirway.com

Many people dream of making scuba diving a regular experience. While this activity may be addicting, the price tag may cure that addiction. Basic scuba diving equipment costs around $550 minimum, and getting a certification costs another $300-400.


Model Railroading


No doubt about it; model Railroading can be a very expensive hobby. To give you an idea, a HO scale diesel locomotive can cost up to $300.00 (that’s just one piece to a very complex but beautiful puzzle). With that said, there are ways to minimize your cost such as purchasing from wholesale providers and used accessories, etc.




This extreme hobby is very expensive and may cost around $250 to $300 per single tandem jump or about $1,500 for a package of 7 to 10 jumps (each jump lasting about 3 minutes).


Drag Racing

Drag Racingwww.chevyhiperformance.com

Drag racing is a sport that is ideal for people who urge for speed and love to burn rubber, but prepared to burn money as well. The car alone can range from $3k – $20k (depending on how much work you want to do on it). Add to this purchase price, regular maintenance, repairs, gas, and racing fees if applicable. All included you’re looking at a price tag of about $200K – $1M.


Collecting Cars

Collecting Carswww.importtuner.com

It shouldn’t be a surprise that car collecting is among the most expensive hobbies out there. The rarer a car is, the more money a car collector has to shell out for it, not including maintenance and housing costs.


Art Collection

Art Collectionlatinartjournal.com

Art collection is considered among the most expensive hobbies in the world, primarily because different types of art like statues, paintings and sculptures can cost from thousands to millions.




Sailing can be a very relaxing hobby and compared to other boating hobbies (such as #12) relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, a decent sailboat can cost about $2k.


Mountain Climbing

Mountain Climbingconqueranycourse.wordpress.com

Mountain climbing can be fun, especially for those who seek adventure. But adventure does have it’s price. Mountain climbing equipment is not cheap but the real clincher is the fee associated with some climbing permits. For example, to climb Mt. Everest, be prepared to shackle about $25K-60K (depending if you are by yourself or in a group).




A person who dreams of joining the sport of royals should expect to pay at least $8,000 yearly to become a member and to have his own polo club. More than that, he also has to pay for a decent horse which costs around $20,000 and requires around $1,500 a month for vet care and stabling.


Cigarette Boat Racing

Cigarette Boat Racingwww.autoevolution.com

Those who are well off invest in a cigarette boat to experience flying over the ocean at over 100 miles per hour. On the other hand, those who do not have much money have the option of picking up a 10-year old 38’ Top Gun Twin Step for about $160,000, but that is still not a cheap option.


Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloonwww.airliners.net

Riding a hot air balloon and looking at the world from above may sound fun, but not for the pocket. A decent balloon costs as much as $45,000, but before one can ever fly, he/she has to attend a flight school for about $3,500. On top of these expenses, it’s also imperative to hire the services of a crew to follow you in a car in case of an emergency landing.


High Stakes Poker

High Stakes Pokerwww.eeveelife.co.uk

Gambling in any form will always be expensive, nevertheless this is especially true in high stakes poker since much money is laid on the line for a chance at reaping a great reward. In this hobby, many will enter but few (one to be exact) will win.




Blackjack is a favorite among those who frequent the casinos. Like most gambling games, the more money you wage, the larger your return. Unfortunately for many, the wage is usually more than what is expected.


Home Aquaria


Aquariums range in size and prizes. On the low end, a person can set up a decent 29 gallon fresh water aquarium for roughly about $600.00. However, on the expensive side, the sky is the limit (The Dinosaur Gold Aquarium for example sales for a whopping $4.8 Million dollars…that’s not a typo). This is not even including the devastating effect the demand for rare fishes have on coral reefs and other marine habitats. A price, we will all have to bare soon enough.


Yacht Racing

Yacht Racingwww.prweb.com

Riding a yacht can be fun, but when it becomes a hobby (especially one where you are racing yachts), it can be hard on the pockets. A “typical” yacht can cost about $40.000.00 a lineal foot totaling in the millions of dollars per yacht. That’s not including docking fees, maintenance, and insurance.


Traveling Around the World

Traveling Around the Worldwalldaz.com

This one comes with a disclaimer. It IS possible to travel very inexpensively. However, this involves sacrificing some luxuries. But if you’re looking to explore the world in comfort, it will cost you. Traveling is a thrill that many people enjoy. However, it is not the kind of hobby that many people can pursue regularly, especially for those who are looking to enjoy their travels in style. Aside from pricey airfare, traveling also involves paying for hotels, food, and touring activities.


Antique Collection

Antique Collectionkozmicdreams.com

There is a huge range of prices associated with antiques. Nevertheless, some antiques will cost you a good amount of money. For example, some antique Chinese carved lacquers sell for about $600.00 a pair.


RC Planes


With planes ranging from $200 – $20K this can easily become a wallet consuming hobby. Of course, as with any hobby there are ways to cut down on price, but if you want to fly a top notch impressive airplane you will have to pay a steep price to do so.


Big Game Hunting


If you are looking for the thrill of a hunt as your next hobby; beware. This hobby is not for those on a slim budget. You can spend hundreds of dollars on hunting attire alone. That’s not including licensing fees, travel expenses, food processing expenses (about $200.00 for a small deer), ammunition, etc. On the bright side, you’ll end up with meat that will last you a long time.




Several people dream of piloting a plane but only a few get to fulfill their dreams primarily because this hobby is expensive. To start with, you’ll need to go to aviation school which can cost more than $5,000 and a good plane will cost you about $100,000. Renting a plane is a cheaper option for about $80 per hour but even this rental price can be pricey if you fly on a regular basis.




Equestrianism or horseback riding is a hobby that is common among the rich, particularly land owners as it involves owning and housing horses. Like any other hobby, prices may vary, nevertheless when a good horse can sell for up to $100.000.00 you can bet you’re in for an expensive ride. It’s important to note however, that you can find a decent horse for about $5,000.00.


Country Clubbing

Country Clubbinglakeregionycc.com

A most pampering hobby; country clubbing can be a huge source of relaxation, that is if you can afford the membership. With some clubs charging about $250,000 yearly you can imagine how only a few can enjoy this hobby. To be fair, there are country clubs that offer memberships for as low as $5,000 per year.


Motor Gliding

Motor Glidingwww.touringmotorgliders.org

While anyone can go motor gliding, not everyone can actually afford their own motor glider. Today, motor gliders cost around half a million dollars.

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