25 Exercises And Workouts That Can Be Done No Matter Where You Are

Whether you are traveling on a business trip or camping in the woods, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to still get a workout in. These are 25 exercises and workouts that can be done no matter where you are.

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Box Jumps


All you need for this exercise is an elevated surface. A park bench, a chair, even a bed would work. Keep jumping up and jumping back down until your legs burn.


Back Extensions


Start in the prone position on the left and then pull your head and upper back off the ground. Hold that position and then let yourself back down. Do this until you feel it in your lower back.


Shoulder Circles


Although this exercise might not seem like much, working out your shoulders without a gym requires improvisation. If you still don’t feel anything though, grab something to add weight. Even something light will do the trick.


Calf Raises


If you can find just a slight ledge then that is all you need to workout out your calves. The higher the ledge, the more extension you can get.


Pull Ups


The only downside is that you need something to grab onto. If you can find that, then depending on your grip you’ll end up working most of your back and biceps.

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