25 Everyday Things That Are Statistically Deadlier Than Sharks

For more than four decades now sharks have been viewed as one of the most deadly animals in the world, mainly due to several publicized attacks surfers have suffered throughout the last decade in particular and even more so thanks to Spielberg’s blockbuster, Jaws. Yet, by taking a close look at the official statistics one will realize that sharks are nowhere near as deadly as we might think. According to the official U.S. Life Expectancy Facts the average American citizen has a one in sixty-three chance of dying from the flu and only a 1 in 3.7 million chance of being killed by a shark during his or her lifetime.

And the flu is just one example; check out these 25 things that you might not consider to be deadly but are in fact deadlier than sharks.

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According to the American toy-related deaths and injuries calendar for 2013–2014 six children between the ages of 5 and 12 died from latex balloons. They don’t specify how the deaths occurred but we think choking is the most likely reason.



Vending Machines

Vending MachinesVending Machines

When most people use vending machines they don’t usually think of them as deadly, but these beasts actually kill more people per year than sharks and snakes combined. How? According to the available police reports what usually happens is that when the machine steals somebody’s snack, drink, or money, they decide to hit it a bit too hard and as a result it falls on them and, well, you can guess the outcome.




While parents around the world always stress safety on the trampoline, these joyful inventions still contribute to at least two deaths and numerous serious injuries each year.




Ties are known for being the most necessary accessories for men who spend hundreds of dollars buying classy suits and elegant shirts but unfortunately they can be deadly too. Ties are responsible for the deaths of almost ten men every year in the U.S., either by using them to commit suicide or accidentally.




TelevisionsTV sets

In 2011 alone, 29 people were killed by falling TV sets, while there was only one recorded case of a fatal shark attack.

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