25 European Places So Beautiful You Might Cry

Traveling is an eye opening experience. It’s one thing to stare at post cards and pictures of beautiful places and wish you were there, it’s a totally different story when you are actually at these photographed locations. Sometimes these places are more beautiful then pictures do justice, other times they’re not. Nevertheless, we assure you that the European places you are about to see in this list, are indeed beautiful; so beautiful in fact, you literally might shed a tear. From the charming and winding streets of Prague to the snow capped peaks of the Swiss Alps, these are 25 European Places So Beautiful You Might Cry!

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Fjords, Norway

Fjords, NorwaySource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Formed by the Scandinavian Mountains running into the sea, the immensity of the fjords should definitely have a spot on your Eurotrip itinerary.


Northern Lights, Sweden

Northern Lights, SwedenSource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

Usually occurring during winter, you’ll have to get away from the city on a clear night to see nature’s greatest show.


Chamonix, France

Chamonix, FranceSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

The site of the first winter olympics is nestled into the shadow of the highest peak in the alps, Mont Blanc.


Amfalfi Coast, Italy

Amfalfi Coast, ItalySource: wikipedia, Image: pixabay

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most visited regions in Italy.


Halstatt, Austria

Halstatt, AustriaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

This quant mining village high in the Austrian Alps is famous among tourists for its incredible scenery.

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