25 Epic Firework Fails That You Probably Shouldn’t Laugh At But Will Anyways

It’s that time of the year again where firework fails are a common sources of amusement for the masses. Forget about setting off fireworks of your own, just sit back, relax, and let someone else fail at it. It will be less painful and much more humorous. If you still want to set off some fireworks, be sure to avoid landing in our fireworks fail list…because we will laugh at you. These are 25 Epic Firework Fails That You Probably Shouldn’t Laugh At But Will Anyways.


Excuse me, that's not where your head should go

Head in flames Firework failImage: www.viral-next.com

Take a picture, the pain will last longer

Firework fail gifImage: guff.com

This "Superhero" has found his kryptonite

Superhero Firework failImage: www.viralnova.com

This is not going to end well...

Rocket out of my crotchImage: youtube.com

Well that escalated quickly

Running from a firework failImage: lolzbook.com

Man, you are doing it wrong.

Painful firework failImage: www.houstonpress.com

Turning your drone into a rocket-shooting machine might not be as funny as you expected.

Drone shooting fireworksImage: ottawa.ctvnews.ca

You will never outrun the rocket.

Outrunning a rocketImage: amazingtravelers.com

You though spicy food would mess you up...you thought wrong.

Firework in the buttImage: www.collegehumor.com

That moment when your idea is brilliant

Fireworks from the headImage: giphy.com

The so called boomerang rocket

Boomerang rocketImage: weknowmemes.com

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Safety first.

Firework failsImage: bbs.ziling.com

This adds a new meaning to "hot dog"

Work chasing owners with fireworksImage: www.netanimations.net

That's one form of birth control

Firework crotchImage: viralnova.com

Some people just make you wonder about humanity

Firework in the mouthImage: reddit.com

"It's so pretty. Must. Stand. By it."

Firework explosion near personImage: collegehumor.com

Let's burn stuff on the table, because that's always a good idea

Firework fail on the tableImage: thechive.com

Don’t pretend you have it under control when you don’t.

Fireworks all overImage: youtube.com

She had the most explosive wedding ever

Wedding fireworksImage: www.huffingtonpost.com

Do you want forest fires? Because this is how you get forest fires.

Firework fail in the woodsImage: giphy.com

Don’t entrust fireworks to weird pyromaniacs.

Riding a donkey lit by fireworks Image: collegehumor.com

Model parent right here

Firework a little boyImage: gallerily.com

With friends like these, I'd be in jail...

mean firework prankImage: www.gifbin.com

What is it with people wanting to burn trees? Cool firework rocket launcher though

Firework rocket launcherImage: www.lolbrary.com

That's probably not the best seat in the house

Seating too close to fireworkImage: www.funniestmemes.com

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