25 Epic Fails That Were Almost Perfect

Most of us have those face palm stories where the protagonist fails on an epic scale. After all, we are all humans and humans are bound to make mistakes. These epic fails are usually accompanied by an embarrassed and cautious scan to see if there are any witnesses. Sometimes there aren’t any witnesses, but other times were not so lucky. While having a little laugh over our failures with a few onlookers is OK, most of us would prefer that our failure not become a source of fun for thousands and possibly even millions of complete strangers from around the world. Yet, (un)fortunately, this is exactly what is happening with these 25 epic fails that were so close to being perfect.

With a constantly growing number of people armed with smartphones, tablets and other image capturing smart devices; epic fails all over the world are now being recorded in the glorious enigma that is the internet. From confused ice-hockey players and ultra-right graffiti artists to a driver who thought he could but actually could not, you are about to witness 25 epic fails that were almost perfect. Get ready to laugh.

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The author of this road sign.

funny failsImage: www.viralblasts.com

The creator of this rainbow delicacy.

funny failsImage: www.viralnova.com

This poor soccer player.

funny failsImage: twitter.com

The driver of this car.

funny failsImage: kinja.com

This yoga expert.

funny failsImage: www.weirdhut.com

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