25 Most Effective Ways To Decrease Your Life Expectancy And Die Young

There are so many lists out there concerned with increasing life expectancy. What if we took a slightly different approach? These are the 25 most effective ways to decrease your life expectancy and die young.

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Start a business in Russia without paying off the Mafia

russian mafia

Under most circumstances this is probably the least advisable thing you could ever do.


Try to steal Jackie Chan's lunch money

jackie chanwikipedia

See how happy he looks in the picture? That is the exact opposite of the way he will look when he is in the process of shorting your life.


Use krokodil


This cheap Russian alternative to heroine rots your flesh from the inside out and the pictures coming out of Russia have not been pretty.


Move to Zhengzhou, China

Zhengzhou, Chinawikipedia

This smog ridden city is the most polluted in the world. Combined with smoking…guaranteed lung cancer.


Now move to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

ciudad juarezwikipedia

If Zhengzhou doesn’t cut it for you then moving to the most dangerous place in the world outside of declared war zones will.

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