25 Most Effective Ways To Decrease Your Life Expectancy And Die Young

There are so many lists out there concerned with increasing life expectancy. What if we took a slightly different approach? These are the 25 most effective ways to decrease your life expectancy and die young.

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Smoke a lot


This one’s a classic. With over 4,000 chemicals all teaming up to give you every form of cancer imaginable you’re taking at least 10 years off your life.


Eat lots of hamburgers


And preferably have them raw. There’s nothing like a solid influx of cholesterol and saturated fat to clog your veins.


Sit for more than 11 hours every day


By doing this you are actually increasing your chance of dying in the next three years by over 40 percent.


Go BASE Jumping on weekends

base jumpingwikipedia

If you thought skydiving was dangerous then you’re still a rookie at this. BASE jumping has a fatality rate over 43 times higher.


Don't eat broccoli


Or any vegetable for that matter. They are full of vitamins and other good things that might counteract some of the destructive efforts we’ve already implemented.

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