25 Eerie Abandoned Amusement Parks Around the World

There is something so unsettling about an abandoned amusement park. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that theme parks are traditionally a place filled with fun and laughter. Seeing such a happy place left empty, destroyed, and abandoned can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Even though abandoned amusement parks may seem eerie, some people enjoy experiencing such a thing. In fact, there has been a recent rise in the number of people actively seeking out these neglected parks. 

Abandoned amusement parks have grown so popular that you’ll find dozens of Instagram pages dedicated to them. Some people may consider these neglected parks to be freaky; however, others find beauty in these parks reclaimed by mother nature.

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Nara Dreamland, Japan

Nara Dream Landhttps://www.timetravelturtle.com/nara-dreamland-abandoned-japan/

Japan was eager to have a Disneyland of its own, so business developers created Nara Dreamland. The amusement park opened its doors on July 1, 1961.

Some attractions included a teacup ride, a large castle, and a wooden roller coaster. After the owners decided to close down in 2006, the park has been reclaimed by nature over the years.


Atlantis Marine Park, Australia


As its name may imply, Atlantis Marine Park was bound to become nothing but a forgotten oasis. The amusement park originally opened in 1981 and immediately became a major feature of Alan Bond’s Yanchep Sun City plan.

However, after only nine years, it was forced to shut its doors due to financial difficulties.


Boblo Island, Ontario

Boblo Island https://www.mlive.com/travel/2016/08/this_is_what_life_is_like_on_b.html

Visiting the abandoned Boblo Island in Amherstburg, Ontario isn’t easy. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why it shut down in 1993. Visitors need to take a boat just to get to the theme park.

While there isn’t much left from the theme park’s heyday, the area boasts a growing community. Locals are hoping more people will see how beautiful the island is and will want to move to the neighborhood.


Yongma Land, South Korea


A new life has been breathed into the Yongma Land amusement park in Seoul, South Korea. After opening in 1983, the park celebrated almost 40 profitable years.

In 2011, the owners announced they were closing down due to low profits. Even though the theme park is abandoned, it remains a popular location for visitors.


Catskill Game Farm


The creation of Catskill Game Farm started off as a hobby for the rich New York Banker, Roland Lindemann. Growing up, he had dreams of one day having his very own zoo. He made his dreams a reality in 1933. After many years of success, Lindemann gave the zoo to his daughter and her husband.

The couple was eventually accused of selling their zoo animals to a ranch to be executed by a hunter. As a result, Catskill Game Farm ending up closing its doors in 2006.

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