25 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

There are many reasons to start the transition from traditional cleaners over to “green” or “eco-friendly” cleaners. The environment (all harsh cleaners go down the drain into the water supply), small children (brightly colored traditional detergent pods can kill a child if ingested. Egads!), or perhaps just sensitivities. Whatever your reasons, it’s not an overnight change; it’s a process that takes some time. To help you get started, or give you some suggestions if you started a greener journey awhile ago, here are 25 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products.


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Earth Friendly Product's "Wave" Automatic Dishwasher Gel

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Earth Friendly Product’s “Wave” Automatic Dishwasher Gel is made with plant derived cleaning agents, is concentrated, and comes in lavender scent or free and clear unscented. It’s been rated as the most effective all natural dishwasher detergent (and has a built in rinse aid).


Mrs. Myers Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner

myers-clean-daySource: http://www.ewg.org/ Image Source: www.Amazon.com

This all purpose cleaner is stand out amazing because it smells so good, scented with essential oils and designed to have aromatherapy properties. (Happy cleaning!) There are regular year round scents like Lavender, Basil, and Lemon Verbena, but in the spring they have Honeysuckle, and they always come out with a special Holiday Scent Collection. I highly Recommend the Orange Clove.


The Spaghetti Scrub

spaghetti-scrubSource: http://dishwashers.reviewed.com/ Image Source: www.Amazon.com

The Spaghetti scrub looks weird but does a good job. It’s made from peach pits and corn cobs, by a company called Goodbye Detergent, and as the name would suggest, you aren’t supposed to use detergent for every day small spills and scrubs, only bigger, greasier jobs.


Biokleen Bac-Out Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner

biokleen-floor-cleanerSource: http://www.ewg.org/ Image Source: www.Amazon.com

This green floor cleaner contains live enzymes and citrus oils to leave your floors “yeah, my kid could eat off that” clean, without weird perfumey smells or harsh chemicals.


Seventh Generation All Purpose Spray Cleaner

seventhgenspraySource: http://www.treehugger.com/ Image Source: www.Amazon.com

Seventh Generation All Purpose Spray Cleaner is available basically everywhere, all natural, contains no overly harsh weirdness, and cuts grease and other general ickynes. These things – along with a pretty low price point and decent quality spray bottle – make it a good “baby step” for people just starting the transition from traditional cleaners to more friendly ones. Seventh Generation also makes an AMAZING botanical based disinfecting cleaner that requires no rinsing, and works really well on toys, remotes, phones and doorknobs.

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