25 Easy Ways to Improve Your Photography That You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Posted by , Updated on November 28, 2022

In a world filled with photo filters and similar apps, people are now taking pictures everywhere they go. Whether it’s selfies or a sunset, everyone is looking to post their next best click. However, things are different when it comes to professional photography. In this field, you can never go wrong with a few extra tricks up your sleeves. So whether you’re a beginner, an advanced photographer, or use photography as a hobby; you will surely benefit from knowing how you can take your craft one step further and improve as a photographer. 

In the end, if you really want to improve your photography skills, then you need to make a plan and take action. These tips and tricks will only help if you’re willing to put in the effort. So go ahead, grab your camera and start working with us. Here are 25 Easy Tips that you can incorporate in your life as a photographer.


Appreciate Other Forms Of Art

HAMBURG, GERMANY - 9 JULY 2017: Hamburg Kunsthalle art museum. Jung woman in front of painting.

A photographer is an artist who captures the world in their lens. Every aspiring photographer needs to appreciate different forms of art. They’re basically teachers all their own, whether it’s paintings, sculptures, interior design, graphic design, etc. You never know when inspiration might hit! Hence, museums are the ideal locations to find your next muse. Spend a day in one of these amazing buildings studying an artist’s work and write down why you either love or even don’t love it. 


Adjust Your Perspective


Try to adjust your perspective when it comes to photography. Use your camera in different angles and leave your comfort zone. Anyone can point a camera at a provided level. Try using a ladder, climbing a tree, or find a camera angle completely above the head of your subject. When photographing plants, try shooting from underneath for a new style. With a different perspective, a photographer almost always gets that creative nudge that they’re searching for.


Select A Single Color And Focus Your Photographs Around It


Select a single color and try creating a portfolio using different shades of that color. You can do this using different colors, if you have time to spare. For instance, if you pick blue then take pictures of places and things where blue is evident, such as the sky or a body of water. Look for places that are colored or painted in various shades of blue. For a color like yellow, look for a sunflower field, or take pictures when the subjects are bathing in a golden colored sunlight. The options are endless.


Photograph Something You're Not Used To


As a photographer, it is best to expand your horizons and take pictures of things you are not used to. For instance, if you are an event photographer or are used to photographing people, then maybe try landscape photography one weekend. By doing this, your photos will require new settings and angles since you won’t simply be photographing people. This new subject will allow you to intercept it in a totally different way. Landscape photography will require a whole bunch of different things, like nature’s lighting, shutter speed, more depth, and so on. Once you get used to photographing a new subject, you will gain more understanding of your photography and the different settings of your camera.


Try Using A Tripod

Digital photo camera on tripod against huge cliff rocks of Navagio beach in morning sun light. Famous visiting landmark location on Zakynthos island, Greece.

Not a lot of photographers carry around tripods, especially amateurs. Attaching the camera to your tripod gives a whole new meaning to your photography. With a tripod, you need to really focus on composing your image due to the fact that you can’t move your camera around anymore. You will have to focus on adjusting your tripod on the same level as the horizon. You would need to manually move it right or left in order to adjust your subject’s position. This makes you really slow down as you focus more on the image. You can start by taking a set of ten pictures with a tripod and another set of ten pictures without one. The difference between the two sets of pictures will be quite obvious. 


Become Part Of A Photography Club

Professional photo camera holded by man photographer who taking photos of beautiful young woman in park

Networking for a photographer is really important. Online networking is a good tool, but having actual face-to-face interaction is much better. You can search for local photography clubs or photographers in an area close to you, on Google. By joining a photography club, you will learn new tips and tricks that the other photographers use and you will take group walks exploring the city and taking pictures. Not to mention, you will make new friends who are like-minded people and can understand your passion for photography.


Always Carry Your Camera With You


Carrying your camera with you will instantly alert all of your senses. You will always view the world through your lens’s eye and you will slow everything down in order to take it all in despite wherever you are. Try this technique for a while, and take pictures of whatever that catches your eye. Take pictures of mundane moments and things, which don’t really need to be photographed. The idea is to view these subtle situations with a fresh eye and look for ways to make it interesting. If a normal camera is too much then you always have the camera in your phone, so you can use that as well. This idea is a great way to add improvement in your creative viewpoint.


Focus On The Edges Of The Frame


The subject, which is usually the main factor, is not the only factor of an image. It is important to examine the sides, the corners, the bottom, and the top sides of the frame. You need to make sure that everything is working well together and nothing is out of its place. You need to look at every section of your image in order to make sure that there is nothing that is taking the focus away from the subject of the photograph. 


Practice And Improve Your Technique


How you are holding your camera greatly affects your photography. Also, your standing position while you shoot makes a great difference as well. Plus, how you breathe as you release your camera’s shutter also makes a lot of difference. All of these factors will add up. They can either make or they can break your photographs. Hence, it is important to learn and then practice all of these fundamentals. 


Find The Right Lighting


Photography without lighting is like fish without water. One needs the other to survive. The right lighting can make a major difference in how your pictures are going to come out. For a photographer, knowing when the right type of lighting is available plays a huge role when it comes to improving as a photographer. Hence, start looking for sunbeams and sunbreak, shadows, reflections, artificial light, and natural light. Focus on how that light is interacting with its surroundings and the environment. 


Focus On The Shade


With light comes it shadow. The shadow is just as important as the light, when it comes to photography. Certain photographers do not know how to put this aspect of photography to good use. Properly using shadows in one’s photography has its own benefits. It provides objects shape and depth. Hence, you can try incorporating shadows in your photographs in order to add a certain intensity to your image. 


Familiarize Yourself With Your Lenses

Miniature man cleaning camera lens. Macro photo

An image can be completely enhanced by using a different kind of lens. Every lens focuses on certain factors. For instance, how the wide-angle lens distorts and how the telephotos lens compresses an image. Use the ideal lens to represent your photographic image and vision. At times, you might only have one lens. Learn its strengths and its weaknesses. No matter how many lenses you have, you should know about their apertures, their sharpness, and everything else they offer. 


Be Aware Of Your Surroundings


While looking through your viewfinder, the field of view becomes narrow when it comes to the world all around you. That is why you should always stay alert when it comes to your surroundings. Whether you are standing on a busy street, blocking the view for some people, or in a rough area of the town; do not forget about your surroundings. You should always be alert of everything that is happening all around you for both courtesy and safety reasons, so you can view and capture great images. 


Always Check The Weather

A woman walks on the beach with a colorful umbrella

When doing outdoor or landscape photography, make sure to check the weather in advance. The weather plays a vital role when taking pictures. Everything from the clouds, rain, sun, snow, lightning, wind, etc. can either make or break your whole photography session. You should make good use of the weather in order to create better photos. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for that specific weather, for instance, staying warm and dry in cold weather and wearing sunscreen and a hat in warm weather. 




Certain photographers focus only on the abstract parts of an image, while others do not know it at all. You can use abstracts in your photography to give it a fresh touch. Focus on the tiny parts of your scene. If there’s a shadow or light that is forming a new image inside the current one, find it and capture it. Create something unique.


Take Pictures Of Attractive AND Unattractive Things

Photographer woman is taking photos in green park

A photographer has the gift of turning something ordinary into extraordinary. While it is alright to photograph beautiful things like sunsets, flowers, mountains, or babies; but everyone already views these things as being beautiful. It is how the photographer captures the normal things is what makes them attractive to others. You can actually surprise yourself when you use your camera and capture something unattractive and make it look attractive. Both the photographer and the camera have the power and magic to capture things that normal people usually disregard.


Create Your Own Unique Style


There is nothing wrong if your photography is similar to other photographers. However, your photos must possess a certain uniqueness that allows you to express your personality through the pictures you take. Therefore, it is recommended that you experiment often and try to find a specific style that matches the artistic vision you have in mind. Stay consistent with that style; however, keep in mind that there will be shoots where your style wont necessary fit into that specific situation. Hence, do not force it and familiarize yourself with the fundamentals in order to always have something to fall back on when required. 


Test Using Different Techniques And Features

Photographer takes photo of young beautiful brunette woman in park. afro photographer

Always push yourself to try something different. Test using different scenes, darks, lights, colors, settings, etc. You never know when you might click the perfect picture. That is the magic when it comes to digital photography. Every picture is free virtually; hence, it is only a split second that might get wasted. Free that mind of yours and get creative with the camera.


Familiarize Yourself With Great Photographers And Great Photos


Keep educating yourself in your chosen field. When it comes to photography, the more you know, the better your work gets. Hence, read books about photography, go through photography portfolios on the internet, and attend photography exhibits. Photography is a form of visual art; therefore, it is a simple process when it comes to learning more about a certain picture. All you have to do is to study that photograph or look at it closely while you take notes. If there is a certain aspect about that photo that attracts you then make a mental note of it. Ask yourself, what makes this photograph attractive to me? Then study up on how you can implement that aspect in your own photography. 


Get Other People’s Opinion Of Your Work

Image of two young businessmen discussing document in touchpad at meeting

Displaying your work and asking for other people’s opinion can get quite overwhelming and intimidating initially. However, getting criticism from others, both positive and negative, will be beneficial for you in the long run. You will discover if you’re doing anything wrong and how you can improve. You can upload your photographs on image sharing sites where people can comment on your images. However, if you do not want to publically share your images then you can ask fellow photographer or photography enthusiasts to share their opinion of your work.


Frame Your Photographs By Using Each Element’s Edges As Your Guide

Photographer is taking photos of beautiful woman in red dress in nature

Another thing you can try to improve your photography is by lining up certain elements’ edges in your picture’s frame in order to form a pathway leading to the subject of the photo. By doing this your photographs will look more visually appealing and balanced. Apart from lines and edges, you can use other textures, patterns, and shapes as a guide in your scene to frame your subject.


Do Not Be Afraid To Be A Beginner

Little boy trying to make photos with camera outdoor

Once you start thinking that you are the absolute best at what you do then that is when you stop your willingness to learn. Even the world’s best photographers are always ready to learn something new. Being a beginner at something is not going to undermine the value of your work. After all, if you are not willing to learn something new, then how will you improve yourself in it? Therefore, if you do not want to hinder your creativity then let go of your pride. Even when you believe that you are the absolute best at your work, still be open when it comes to learning from others, 


Read Your Camera’s Manual


We know that this is probably the last thing you want to do, but never underestimate what you might learn when you read your camera’s manual. At the end of the day, you will always refer back to your manual if something goes wrong or if you do not understand a certain feature of the camera. Hence, it is best to familiarize yourself with all of the information that is mentioned in your camera’s manual. This is going to help you immensely during your photography sessions. Majority of the manuals are available online as well, so you can save your camera’s manual on your phone if you ever need to go back to it for some reason. 


Take Pictures Every Day

Students taking photographs on campus

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. The more pictures you take, the better you will get at it. If you cannot carry a DSLR and all of its accessories with you everywhere you go, then there are other options out there as well. You can take a point-and-shoot camera, or even easier, use your mobile phone’s camera. The point is, the more pictures you take, the more you will learn about lighting, angles, colors, and everything else.


Don’t Forget To Have Fun


This has to be the most important tip when it comes to any work that you have. If you do not enjoy what you do then you won’t learn anything along the way. Photography is a beautiful art form. Go ahead and capture images, share pictures, explore the world through your lens, and smile as you create art with your camera. Despite the end result, do not forget to have fun and enjoy your photography.

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