25 Easiest Languages You Could Be Learning Today

Posted by , Updated on November 8, 2017


Let’s be honest, learning a language is no small or simple task. However, some are easier to master than others. So what are the easiest languages to learn? For this list, we’ve based “easy” on availability of quality resources, similarity to your native language (for the purposes of this list we will assume you only speak English), and the script the language uses. So if you’re wondering which language to tackle next, check out the these 25 easiest languages you could be learning today.



FrenchSource: duolingo.com

French is the closest non-Germanic language to English just because there are so many cognates. Due to geographic proximity, the two languages have been influencing one another for years.



DutchSource: babbel.com

Along with Flemish and Africaans, Dutch is part of the low franconian branch of the west germanic language family. In terms of major world languages, Dutch is probably the most similar to English, at least in terms of phonology (sound). Of course, there are a few new sounds that will give you a run for your money.



FrisianSource: duolingo.com

English, Scots, and Frisian make up the Anglo-Frisian branch of the West-Germanic language group. This language has the most “English” pronunciation of any language but is relatively useless as far as foreign languages are concerned. It’s only spoken by about 500,000 people in the Netherlands.



ScotsSource: duolingo.com

Although its status as a language is debatable, Scots is English’s closest relative.



AfricaansSource: duolingo.com

It’s basically a simplified version of Dutch as it doesn’t have any verb or pronoun conjugations.

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