25 Easiest Languages You Could Be Learning Today

Posted by , Updated on November 8, 2017


Let’s be honest, learning a language is no small or simple task. However, some are easier to master than others. So what are the easiest languages to learn? For this list, we’ve based “easy” on availability of quality resources, similarity to your native language (for the purposes of this list we will assume you only speak English), and the script the language uses. So if you’re wondering which language to tackle next, check out the these 25 easiest languages you could be learning today.



DanishSource: babbel.com

The next three are all North Germanic (Scandinavian) languages. There are two more – Icelandic and Faroese – but we won’t include those because so few people speak them. Danish is the first to be mentioned, just because most people claim it is the hardest Scandinavian language to learn.



NorwegianSource: duolingo.com

Norwegian is similar to both Danish and the next language, Swedish. It is considered to be easier (relatively) for English speakers simply because its verb conjugation forms are so straightforward.



SwedishSource: duolingo.com

Swedish is sometimes considered the easiest of the Scandinavian languages, just because it is the most accessible. (It has the most speakers.)



SpanishSource: babbel.com

Apart from French, Spanish is one of the easier non-Germanic languages for English speakers to learn. A major positive is its fairly consistent pronunciation.



EsperantoSource: duolingo.com

This made up language was designed to be easy to learn. Although its usefulness is limited, if you speak an Indo-European language, you should be able to pick this one up to some extent.

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