25 Earth Facts That Might Surprise You

Planet Earth is the most unique planet in our galaxy (at least until we find another one which houses life). So unique in fact that it has taken us our whole existence to study it and we still don’t fully understand everything about it. Nevertheless, what we do know about our home planet is still pleasantly surprising. From the absurd amount of lightning strikes in a day to its varying gravity force these are 25 Earth facts that might surprise you.

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The ozone hole is actually shrinking and in 2012 it was smaller than it had ever been in the last decade

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90% of garbage in the ocean is plastic

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The Earth is not a perfect sphere, due to the force of its spin the Earth actually bulges out around the equator

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Because of this abnormality certain regions experience more or less gravity than others. One such area is Hudson Bay of Canada. The difference is very small though, only 0.005%


We know more about our universe than we do about our oceans or our Earth's core. In fact, 95% of the world's oceanic territory has still not been explored

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