25 Dumbest Weapons You Won’t Believe Were Actually Created

Humans are, in general, a pretty violent bunch. You may have noticed this on your own, but please don’t think it’s a new phenomenon. We’ve been thinking up creative ways to harm each other for a really long time. while most of these ideas are somewhat horrific (looking at you, atom bomb), a lot of them are just stupid. Here are 25 Dumbest Weapons You Won’t Believe Were Actually Created.

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Apparently, dead men CAN tell tales...at least they could during WWII. The body of a homeless Welsh man named Glyndwr Michael, who had committed suicide, was used to deliver false information to the Germans. The body was dressed up as an officer and planted at sea with false intel documents on him and photos of a fake family. Oddly enough, it worked, and the Germans moved troops based on the info found on the body. It was still stupid and awful.

Ervik_Graveyard_MidnightSource: http://whatculture.com

The Tauchpanzers were created by the Nazi's to invade Britain. The idea was that tanks would drive across the seafloor. Not subs, tanks. That went across the seafloor. Over 200 tanks were "waterproofed" with sealant and tape and long hoses were added for breathing. Redneck engineering, not just for rednecks. This actually worked surprisingly well - in that it worked at all, even a little bit. The problems came with the fact that the seafloor is not, much to the surprise of the Nazis, completely flat, and the tanks couldn't go over the large rocks. Additionally, once the tanks stopped, they sank into the sand, and the soldiers had to swim for it.

Bundesarchiv_Bild_101II-MW-5674-33_Kanalküste_Verladen_von_Tauchpanzer_IIISource: http://www.businessinsider.com

So...let's talk about flamethrowers. You can see the wartime appeal from certain angles. However, it takes trial and error to perfect many things in life. Apparently, flamethrowers were no exception. During WWI, the German army came up with the Grossflammenwerfer, a flamethrower that took at least 2 men to carry. Other unfortunate aspects of this weapon included becoming an easy target and loss of stealth. Oh, and uh they easily exploded if even slightly bumped the wrong way. 

GrossflammenwerferSource: owlcation.com

The Apache Pistol, made in the United States in 1880, attempts to combine a revolver, a knife, and brass knuckles. And combine them it does, but sadly in doing so, it renders each item nearly useless. The knife is flimsy and unstable, the revolver is about as inaccurate and under powered as it could get, and the brass knuckles seem to work okay, assuming you don't accidentally stab or shoot yourself while using them because there's no trigger guard. So accidental firings...they happen. Pass.

Apache_revolverSource: http://www.businessinsider.com

When Japan was beating up any British in the East Indies, New Zealand decided, having a picture of a tank on an American Postcard, to make themselves a tank to protect themselves from Japan. This is how the Bob Semple Tank was born. It was basically a metal box, mounted on a tractor, equipped with machine guns. The Army rejected the Bob Semple for official use.

Bob Semple TankSource: http://www.oddhistorian.com

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