25 Dumbest Weapons You Won’t Believe Were Actually Created

Humans are, in general, a pretty violent bunch. You may have noticed this on your own, but please don’t think it’s a new phenomenon. We’ve been thinking up creative ways to harm each other for a really long time. while most of these ideas are somewhat horrific (looking at you, atom bomb), a lot of them are just stupid. Here are 25 Dumbest Weapons You Won’t Believe Were Actually Created.

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The "Sticky Bomb" was exactly what it sounds like - an exploding device covered in stickiness. Developed by Britain during WWII, Sticky Bombs were supposed to stick on enemy tanks and blow them up. Except that tanks are usually covered in dirt, or mud, or something else gross and anti-sticky, and so...they didn't stick. They did, however, occasionally stick to a soldier's uniform.

Sticky_bomb_diagramSource: http://www.smash.com/

Before self-loading or semi-automatic pistols became standard, a company called Mars attempted to make a self-loading pistol. The problem with the Mars is that they ejected the used cartridges directly into the face of the shooter. Thankfully, only 80 of these were made, and the Colt M1911 became standard.

MarsAutomaticPistolSource: http://www.businessinsider.com/

To clear up a common misconception, the term “semi-automatic” refers to a pistol with a magazine. The next round automatically advances into the position for firing, so you don’t load each individual bullet each time you take a shot. What people usually think of is a short burst of bullets, but that’s actually fully automatic. They’re different.


The LED Incapacitator (aka the puke ray) "fires" a strobe of LED lights to give the target a headache and make them feel disoriented so badly that they instantly start vomiting and possibly have a seizure if they have epilepsy. It cost the US $800,000 in development and supposedly works from a block away. Just making people vomit and have seizures. That's both stupid and awful.

LED_Dazzler_cross-sectSource: http://www.oddhistorian.com

In 1939, before fighting actually broke out on the Western Front, Churchill was, apparently, a little bored. He wanted to take the fight to the Nazis by tunneling under the German defensive line, and thus the Cultivator No. 6 was born. It weighed 130 TONS and literally just dug. No defense, just...dug under the battlefield. It was scrapped after the German Blitzkrieg tactic went through France. Because duh.

the CultivatorSource: http://www.oddhistorian.com

The French Resistance during WWII received some weapons from the United States to help hold back the Nazis. Except..they were horrible. The FP45 Liberator was designed to be cheaply mass produced, and it worked about as well as cheaply mass produced things work. It's range was a whopping 25 feet, meaning that if you couldn't shoot the guy, you could probably throw it if you had decent aim and knock the dude out. Secondly, it was only good for one shot. In order to reload, you first had to fish around the barrel of the gun to get out the spent casing. Great job, guys.

FP-45_LiberatorSource: http://www.cracked.com

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