25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies

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People in horror movies are pretty dumb. They practically hand themselves over on a silver platter with their asinine decision-making skills. They should at least try to make the killer work for it. It frustrates the audience to no end watching each character die needlessly. Yet, somehow, time and time again, they do stupid things. From forgetting how to run to hanging out in haunted houses, people in horror movies seem to think they’re invincible until the end ultimately comes. When will they ever learn? We’re hoping sooner rather than later. In the meantime, here are 25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies.

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They make a sound a few feet away from the killer.


So, the main character finds a great hiding spot in a crawl space in the closet with a secret door the killer would never suspect. They’re almost home free. The psycho killer is a few feet away, and right before the killer leaves, they make a sound. Maybe its a cough, whimper, or they move their foot wrong. Whatever it is, they’re stupid.


They trip over everything.

slip on leaves

Chances are, in any other circumstance, if a character in a horror movie needed to run a marathon, they could do it without a single problem. But, once they have to run away from the chainsaw-wielding masked man behind them, they’re tripping over every twig and stone on the lawn.


They play with a dangerous creature.


This happens a little too often in science fiction horror movies like Alien or Prometheus. A curious scientist finds a mysterious creature and rather than taking a step back and getting out of there, they move in closer. In Prometheus especially, a character plays with a cobra-like alien like it’s a harmless worm until he meets his ultimate demise.


They actually believe the killer is dead.


A killer rarely ever dies the first time the characters kill him. Still, that never stops them from believing they’re dead anyway. Just because you shot him and he’s laying on the ground, doesn’t mean he won’t get up and come for you. Usually, it’s a moment of relief for the characters as they hug. That is until the killer rises like a vampire in the background.


They split up.

fork in the road

Of all the dumb things people do in horror movies, splitting up is hands down the dumbest. At this point in horror movie history, it’s a tired cliché, and characters rarely do it anymore. Still, splitting up a group to go off alone makes no sense any way you shake it. You’re always stronger together rather than apart.

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