25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies

Posted by , Updated on April 11, 2018


People in horror movies are pretty dumb. They practically hand themselves over on a silver platter with their asinine decision-making skills. They should at least try to make the killer work for it. It frustrates the audience to no end watching each character die needlessly. Yet, somehow, time and time again, they do stupid things. From forgetting how to run to hanging out in haunted houses, people in horror movies seem to think they’re invincible until the end ultimately comes. When will they ever learn? We’re hoping sooner rather than later. In the meantime, here are 25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies.

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They don't use all the tools at their disposal.


Too often, people in horror movies are empty-handed, facing off against an evil being, while there are a slew of tools surround them. Tools they could use to buy time, defend themselves, or in the case of the movie Saw, use the hacksaw to reach the keys in the middle of the room rather than cutting off a hand.


They get trapped in the dumbest place.


Even when a person has the masked murder on the ropes and could easily either get away or stop them entirely, they decide instead to run to the dumbest place imaginable and end up getting stuck. In the meantime, the villain kills them without hesitation. The doggie door death in Scream is a prime example.


They don't check the backseat.


If a bad guy is ever going to hide out someplace in a car, it’s always going to be in the darkest part of the back seat. Always. Yet, like a moth to a flame, characters in horror movies hop into the driver’s seat of a car without thinking twice about checking the backseat.


They hide the zombie bite.


In every zombie movie, at some point, a member of the group gets bit by one of the undead. Of course, they have a couple of choices, but of those choices, not telling the group should never be one of them. Instead of letting everyone else know about it like a self-respecting human being, they hide it like an idiot, effectively becoming a ticking time bomb. It only becomes a matter of time before someone else gets hurt.


They hide in an obvious location.


Hiding in bathrooms, closets, or under beds are all terribly obvious places to hide from a crazed killer. Still, somehow people in horror movies figure those places are the best spots to hide. Do they think the killers are stupid? If they’re going to hide somewhere, make it a spot the killer doesn’t know about.

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