25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies

Posted by , Updated on April 11, 2018


People in horror movies are pretty dumb. They practically hand themselves over on a silver platter with their asinine decision-making skills. They should at least try to make the killer work for it. It frustrates the audience to no end watching each character die needlessly. Yet, somehow, time and time again, they do stupid things. From forgetting how to run to hanging out in haunted houses, people in horror movies seem to think they’re invincible until the end ultimately comes. When will they ever learn? We’re hoping sooner rather than later. In the meantime, here are 25 Dumbest Things People Do In Horror Movies.

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They hear a sound and investigate.

flashlight in dark

In horror movies, ominous sounds are the oldest trick in the book. The subtle creak of a floorboard or the thump in the attic makes for great suspense and mystery. Most people, if they hear a sound somewhere, will usually just shrug it off and go about their business. People in horror movies don’t do this. They, like total idiots, play Scooby-Doo and investigate the noise, usually in the dark with a flashlight. Plus, nine times out of ten, they call out, “Hello?” giving away their location and allowing the murderer easy access.


They pick the spot without cell service.

no service

It’s the usual setup. Teenagers want to get away from their parents on a vacation with their friends, but unlike most teenagers who would rather die than not have 4G LTE at the cabin in the woods, the teenagers in a horror movie pick the spot with no cell service at all.


They say the words, "I'll be right back."


Made famous in the movie Scream as one of the “rules” to survive a horror movie, saying the classic phrase, “I’ll be right back” will end up getting you killed. If a character in a horror movie warns other characters about things not to do in a horror movie, and those characters do it anyway, then yeah they’re pretty stupid.


They keep the creepy object.

creepy doll

Most people in horror movies don’t believe in the supernatural. So, when they find a creepy doll or an ancient box or a tome covered in cobwebs, they don’t think twice about keeping it. They just keep it, and that’s the dumbest decision they ever make. Don’t keep creepy things. They only lead to trouble.


They drive a bad car.

fast car

Main characters in horror movies always end up buying the worst car imaginable. So, when they take that big road trip, the car unsurprisingly breaks down in the middle of nowhere. They don’t think to take the car to the mechanic beforehand to get a tune-up or, you know, trade it in for a better car.

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