25 Dumbest Prison Escapes

Have you ever given thought to how you would escape prison?

Most people would prefer not to be in prison (for obvious reasons). But it’s normal to think of worst-case scenarios and then imagine how you would overcome them.

Many people think that prison escapes are as simple as portrayed in movies such as The Shawshank Redemption or Escape from Alcatraz. However, those are just movies, and escaping from prison is no easy feat.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction … and more entertaining. There are many inmates in real life whose attempts to escape prison life are just downright silly.

Here are the 25 Dumbest Prison Escapes.

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A little excess baggage


Maria del Mar Arjona Rivero tried to free her contortionist boyfriend from jail by packing him in a suitcase that she had brought with her.

She expected that she could do this without anyone noticing. But they did, obviously.


Me mad, me punch door


A little word of advice. No matter how strong you might feel, you will never be able to punch down a prison door.

Somebody should explain that to Hector Campos. He tried to escape from a Florida jail by doing exactly that.

Needless to say, it didn’t work.


Never use a zeppelin, unless it's Led Zeppelin


When one thinks of a prison escape, they may picture using a helicopter.

One prisoner thought that helicopters were too obvious and decided to use an inflatable zeppelin to help him flee.

Sounds like a genius plot, right? The guards intercepted the inflatable zeppelin. After what we’re sure was a long laugh, they foiled the escape plan.


Sorry, no room


A few prisoners tried to escape from a Brazilian jail by knocking a hole in a shower. Two of those prisoners managed to get through, but when the last one tried to go through, he got stuck.

He cried for help but the guards decided to take pictures first.


The old "call the police on police trying to arrest you" trick


An escaped inmate and his friend called the cops on the cops that were chasing them.

The plan was to have the cops arrested for assaulting the escaped inmate and his friend.

The two were arrested and had plenty of time to think about how terrible that idea was.

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